Gigantic big self-plug time! (Extra-cool Election edition)


In this week’s magazine, Mike Friscolanti and I write about the only guy to have ever been denied entry onto an airplane for being on Canada’s no-fly list. Also, Gilles Duceppe is in trouble. Read more after this little jump here.

According to two exclusive reports in Maclean’s (here and here) the man—a Concordia University master’s student named Hani Al Telbani—was not allowed past the check-in counter when he showed up for a flight at Trudeau Airport in early June. Instead of a boarding pass, a Transport Canada official handed him an ‘Emergency Direction’ that declared him “an immediate threat to aviation security.” It marked the first and only time a passenger has been denied boarding as a result of Canada’s new no-fly list.

Gilles Duceppe, meanwhile, recently wondered out loud why the Bloc Québécois is losing ground to the Conservatives. Maclean’s provides him with a helpful reminder.


Gigantic big self-plug time! (Extra-cool Election edition)

  1. “Our concern should extend to non-Party cadres as well as to Party cadres. There are many capable people outside the Party whom we must not ignore. The duty of every Communist is to rid himself of aloofness and arrogance and to work well with non-Party cadres, give them sincere help, have a warm, comradely attitude towards them and enlist their initiative.”

    – Mao Tse Tung, “The Role of the Chinese Communist Party in the National War”

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