Gilles Duceppe resigns -

Gilles Duceppe resigns

Bloc leader steps down after dismal election showing


After leading his party to a dismal showing of just two seats in Monday’s election, a loss of 47 seats including his own, Gilles Duceppe has stepped down as Bloc Québécois leader. The loss is a stunning reversal for the party, which had won the overwhelming majority of Quebec seats for six consecutive elections. The Bloc’s devastating losses mean it has now been stripped of official party status.

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Gilles Duceppe resigns

  1. Can he start collecting his pension right away or does he have to wait two years 'till he's 65?

    • charogne

  2. In either case, after 20 years he's earned it. Have you?

    • Earned it my ass. Poeple work 35 years and don't get a damn thing. Who but government parasites get indexed pensions.. To provide taxpapyers monies to a traitor is stomach turning.

  3. As nice as it is to see the NDP make gains, I'm truly sad they came at the expense of Duceppe. The guy was probably the most statesmanlike politician of the four, he worked his butt off in the English debates, even though he had nothing to gain, and — separation aside — his party espoused the kind of largely centrist progressive social values that I think are in sync with most Canadians. Perhaps his error was never expanding the party outside of Quebec. I knew tons of Anglos that wished they could vote for him.

  4. Good ridance

  5. Are you stupid? Do you have any clue at all as to what this party stood for? They didn't have anyone's interest at all except Quebec's. They are traitors and cowards and have done nothing for this country except try and tear it apart and our successive government were dumb enough to let it happen. You sir, are obviously part of that problem.

  6. I heard Gilles Duceppe will be over $140,000 a year. Not bad for a guy who wanted to separate from Canada.

  7. Correction:

    I heard Gilles Duceppe's pension will be over $140,000 a year. Not bad for a guy who wanted to separate from Canada.

  8. I was born and raised in Montreal.They have been forcing the French language on us for a very long time.Creating a language police, must go to French school and etc….A language police…that's ridiculous…Reminds me of Hitler!! I was born Canadian and I want to stay Canadian! I live in Montreal and I have lost my rights as a Canadian.I must only speak French only.They were a minority and how they were allowed to turn this province into French only is beyond me.The Irish were here first.France sent " Les filles du Roi " to populate this place.They are as much the immigrants as my parents were.They barely celebrate the 1rst of July..It's sad.They only care about the 24 of June.I am so happy that even the Franco Quebecers are fed of of the Bloq Quebecois.They realize that separating from Canada is the wrong choice.Resign Duceppe and don't ever come back. I'm Canadian and proud of it!!!

  9. Canadian taxpayers contribute $23.00 for every dollar that an MP contributes toward his own pension.  Only in Canada could something soo bizaare occur!!