GiornoWatch: A livid sky on Langevin … and I knew the end was near


Sorry, y’all, for the lack of updates over the last few days.

Worry not (or, depending on your point of view, continue to worry): we haven’t forgotten our sacred – if self-appointed – duty to keep up with the latest hirings and firings within Canada’s Guy Giorno’s New Prime Minister’s Office, and detangle the various lateral, vertical and maybe-if-you-stand-on-your-head-it’s-actually-not-a-demotion promotions that have followed his Samsonesque destruction of the inner temple. (Which, we gather, blowed up real good, particularly if your name happens to rhyme with Hat Trick Plutard.)

But – as so often happens in the aftermath of an explosion – it seems that an eerie silence has fallen over the land.  Well, not exactly silence – this is Ottawa, after all; no mere institutional apocalypse will keep survivors from tapping out frantic bulletins via morse code from under the rubble.

Rumours are still swirling over what structural changes will be made to the internal workings of the office:

Will Issues Management be merged, somehow, with the best of Policy and Research to create an office of long-term planning (that is, if you consider a fall Throne Speech to be long term)?

Will the newly Teneycke-ified Communications fall to the Muttart hordes, and the ever-expanding empire of Strategic Planning?

Will anyone notice that Operations now has two administrative assistants with nothing to administer?  (Actually, make that one administrative assistant; the Office Manager, we’re told, has handed in her notice – a decision that ITQ believes should qualify her for a spot with the longish-term planners.)

We’ll keep an eye on our inbox, and return to our ritualistic hourly refreshing over at GEDS, but if anyone out there has anything to share with the rest of the class, they are more than welcome to do so in the comments.

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GiornoWatch: A livid sky on Langevin … and I knew the end was near

  1. Follow the money, Kady, or rather follow the Harper. He is consolidating power, not sharing it. Brodie & Buckler were turfed because they were creating their own power centers.

    My guess is that Harper (and Flanagan – although he may not want to go down with a sinking ship if he believes it’ll sink) will now run strategic planning, via Novak, Giorno & Kory.

    Patrick Muttart, after the Oily fiasco, is probably on his way out. But, will anyone tell him that?

  2. Stephen Harper has always said he will stay out of the Khadr issue. Now Kory Teneycke is interfering and telling the Candians that the Khadr issue will not be in the meeting when Obama comes to visit with te PM. Teneycke should keep his nose out of it he is not the PM.
    Khadr was at the wrong place at the wrong time and this is not a good enough excuse, a boy of 15 had no business to go to afghanistan an throw off a hand granate. His attention was to kill people and he did kill an American. He is a terrorist and he will stay a terrorist.

    From the convicts that were released in 2007 already 11 of them are back with al-qaida and one of them is Abu Hareth Mohammed Al-Awfi.
    This boy now 22 should be in the hands of the American law and let them settle the case.

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