GiornoWatch: All quiet on the GEDS front …


… but that could just mean that it did not escape (low-level flunkie) notice that some of us spent the day  refreshing this page every ten minutes to see if any names had appeared – or disappeared. But according to the berryvine, the carnage at Langevin Block has begun. Annoyingly, that’s about as specific as it has gotten so far, at least as far as ITQ’s inbox.

Then again, given the manic glee with which we leapt on the first wave of Giornologists, perhaps the rest of the newbies-to-be are frantically proofreading their Facebook profiles. This is the big league, boys. Spelling counts, as does grammar, and while we’re on the subject, do you really need that many apps? Just say no to Super Wall.

Meanwhile, National Newswatch has now confirmed that the NDP has another “star candidate” on the roster for the next election –  Anne Lagace-Dowson, who until very recently — like a few days ago — was the host of CBC Montreal’s Radio Noon. What with that news coming out today, and Michael Byers throwing his hat in the orange ring yesterday, I figure there’s one more to go, at least if the NDP has any respect for the rule of threes.

Finally, there’s a new Harris Decima poll that shows the Conservatives tied with the Liberals nationally, but dropping like a stone in Quebec and Ontario, and amongst women. Why? According to Bruce Anderson, it may be due to the failure to  “articulate a value-based agenda that really appeals to these folks” – particularly on climate change. “These folks”, apparently, being Quebeckers, Ontarians and women — who, if memory serves, make up slightly more than half the population, and who – at least, according to Anderson’s theory, don’t seem to have yet embraced the notion that Oily the Splot can deliver a credible plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Not to worry, though — Guy Giorno is here. He’ll tell them what to do!

As usual, please feel free to gossip wildly in the comments.


GiornoWatch: All quiet on the GEDS front …

  1. So the NdP has sniped another CBC radio personality (isn’t Canada’s version of Garrison Keillor — perfectly Canadian that I can only think of his US version;^] — also running for the orange?) for their pro-carbon, ‘Down with the tax!’ campaign?
    Who knows, maybe following the Rovian theme of repeating until it makes sense, their virtual absolvation of Harper’s anti-environment agenda will carry them to third place finally.

  2. I have a suggestion- maybe, just maybe, it’s because voters in Quebec, Ontario and the general part of the population that is not white, male and from Alberta are a bit angry with Harper. Just a thought.

  3. Westmount-Ville Marie is of course the riding where spaceman and alleged politician Marc Garneau holds the Liberal nomination. A “star candidate” will therefore win the riding, and political parties will continue to perilously believe that “star candidates” actually do them some good.

    By the way, if I go on the radio enough, do I get to be an NDP candidate? Who do you think spent more time on the radio last year, Legace-Dowson or Byers?

  4. That thought occurred to me too, Sophie, although like everyone else, I’m waiting for the next round of numbers from Nik Nanos.

    And look on the bright side, Db — whatever happens in Westmount-Ville Marie, at least one star candidate will lose.

  5. Giorno’s was added to GEDS and the internal directory yesterday, but Brodie is still there as well. Today, they have the same phone number. Baby steps!

  6. I have to wonder if Brodie is still haunting the back halls of Langevin virtually, like Banquo’s ghost with a BlackBerry, or if he’s in his backyard, lolling peacefully in that hammock that he got as a lovely parting gift from all the people he left to the Machiavellian mercies of Guy Giorno.

  7. What a disappointment the NDP has become under Layton: busy providing cover for Harper’s feeble global-warming policies while attacking Dion for actually proposing something that would work to reduce emissions. Today’s NDP sounds more like an anti-tax rightwing populist group than a true progressive force. Sad when even the federal Liberals are more progressive than the NDP. Anne Dowson is a good person but she is making a serious mistake moving to the NDP now. The party has lost all the moral authority it once had and is following, rather than leading, on the most critical issue of our time: global warming. Pathetic!

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