GiornoWatch Extra: If I come out with trading cards, it may be time to take a break …


But for anyone else tracking the path of Hurricane Giorno, this might come in handy — it’s a snapshot of the GEDS listings for PMO, screencapped earlier today:


GiornoWatch Extra: If I come out with trading cards, it may be time to take a break …

  1. Geez, Kady, I swear every time I check the PMO/PCO internal directory, there’s been another change (and GEDS seems to have more names). In the last hour, Brodie’s listing has vanished. Still no all-staff emailed announcements. Harrumph!

  2. I had no idea the number of people involved in the PMO. Has the number increased since Harper came to Dodge?

  3. Catherine, I suspect this PMO is comparable in size to its recent predecessors. After Trudeau, it’s been fairly consistently a hefty-sized shop. Kady, this looks like an interim list; I’ve heard about changes that aren’t reflected here. GEDS would seem to be lagging reality, not for the first time.

  4. There’s a big difference between an office and an Office. Some folks believe that there is only one physical office with just a handful of people running things. If that were true, of course, public servants would be able to get their work done without routing everything through PMO!

  5. Hmmm….so much for smaller government.

    Special Assistant to the Prime Minister’s photographer?


    ..you forgot the makeup lady.

  6. LOL Sandi,

    Is it me or is the web guy missing? Or do they put the students on to daily updates and photoshopping Dion?

  7. Actually, GEDS has been uncharacteristically quick to update as far as the unpersonings go — Beardsley was gone by this morning, as was Whissell; it took them a few days to remove Sandra Buckler, however, and Ian Brodie was still listed as Chief of Staff as late as last night. Giorno’s two new executive assistants, on the other hand, were listed the day after he arrived. I think maybe there are delays in changing listings for current staffers who have been transferred within PMO, or who have moved to PMO from, say, Conservative research. (Hi, Kory, and also Kory’s friends!)

    But this is supposed to be an interim snapshot: it just makes it a little easier to track changes, since you can just run your eye down the list of names and see who wasn’t there before, or isn’t there now.

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