UPDATED GiornoWatch – The revolution started yesterday, apparently.


Full credit to Commenter Anon for picking up on two new additions to the post-Giorno PMO: Robert Elliott and Daniel Joseph, both of whom are now listed as “special assistants” to the Chief of Staff. Elliott is, according to Anon, a former Fasken Martineau colleague – not this guy, who very kindly let us know that he’s not the one – and Daniel Joseph is a big ole mystery, at least as far as ITQ is concerned. Feel free to speculate merrily away in the comments.

UPDATE: According to the Other Robert Elliott, the new inhabitant of Langevin Block is probably this Robert Elliott, 6th vice-president of the Ontario PC Party.

UPPERDEDATED: Could this Trinity Western alum and Patriots fan be the mysterious Daniel Joseph? Very probably, according to this June 18th wall post:

Hey Danny,

Congratulations on the PMO job. Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight.

Actually, scrolling down through the rest of the wall posts, it appears that he is, indeed, the newly appointed special assistant. Welcome to Ottawa, Danny!

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UPDATED GiornoWatch – The revolution started yesterday, apparently.

  1. If accuracy matters, suspect that the rumours about Robert Elliott concern the Ontario PC vice president, not Guy’s former partner at Fasken Martineau. Thanks for the publicity.

  2. Whoops! Sorry about that – and thanks for the correction.

  3. Also, Daniel Joseph is a pseudonym for Andrew Potter.

  4. Wow. Is he fourteen? Does he have a date for the semi?

  5. Conservative staffers with Facebook accounts? I thought that was verboten in the Land of Steve?

  6. as a “Burkeian Conservative”, he should fit right it in: “we believe the masses cannot rule themselves for if they do kayos and anarchy would reign. Rather, what must happen is enlightened and learned individuals propose laws for the betterment of society in general.”

    do you think he means k-os? because that would be awesome.

  7. Sorry, ITQ, and also Robert Elliott (both of them). Damn Google!!!

  8. By introducing us to the wonder that is Danny Joseph, you are absolved any inadvertent error in Elliottology, Anon. Well, by ITQ. The Other Robert Elliott may feel differently. (Sorry again, Other Robert Elliott!)

    I fear, however, that preventing the reign of kayos that would result should the masses be allowed to rule themselves may fall more properly within the purview of PCO, or perhaps Treasury Board. Hopefully young Mr. Joseph will not be too disappointed.

  9. You’re much too kind. I think we’re missing something about this Giorno thing. Why would a partner at a prestigious law firm give up his client book, plus salary, plus life, for a job that may only last four, five months?

    Unless, Giorno is on some sort of brief sabbatical from his law firm, and he is at PMO just to script the next election on taxpayer’s expense, and also to cleanup PMO for the real CoS to arrive.

    But who? Someone Harper trusts. Flanagan?

  10. How we can be misled..for some reason – I thought that Fasken Martineau was a Liberal firm – through and through!
    How did Giorno weeddle his way in…am I so naive that I thought these law firms with the inch deep carpets aren’t looking after billings rirst?
    I knew a partner – thought he was sympatico with my case – had a good track record – then found him to be next in Mike Harris’ corner followed by one of Mikey’s developer buddies..I guess they all just go where the money is…
    How jaundice making!

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