Girl Power in the USA


Wow, it appears to be true in the United States that, as my fellow Skirts blogger Anne Kingston said, one set of ovaries is as good as another. Who would’ve thought?

When John McCain announced Sarah “Community Shmorganizer” Palin as his running mate over a week ago, it seemed like a transparent and patronizing attempt to wrangle some disgruntled Hillary supporters and co-opt the sexism debate. I thought he was sunk—particularly as more unflattering information about the relatively unknown Alaska governor began to emerge (extreme positions on women’s issues and the environment, accusations of abuses of power, a lack of experience, and so forth). Surely, Clinton’s candidacy was about more than bringing high-heels and lipstick to the White House? 

Alas, the latest polls are finding that John McCain’s support among white women has surged thanks to his would-be VP. According to one report, the Washington Post/ABC News poll, Obama  held an 8 percentage point lead among white women voters in the days leading up to the Democratic National Convention. But after the Republican convention, McCain was suddenly leading by 12 percentage points among the same demographic. 

Could it be that there are legions of angry feminists out there who care nothing about policy? Or angry anti-feminists? Is this election going to be about revenge voting?


Girl Power in the USA

  1. Pssst. Here’s a little secret about women: one size does not fit all. The average American woman cares more about her family, her career, her country than about some outdated ideology embraced by the hard-core, narcissistic feminist of old. We want to make our own, individual choices and we respect strong, principled, courageous women. They don’t all come in one size.

  2. “extreme positions on women’s issues” — do you mean anything other than abortion? If so, what else are you referring to?

  3. I am a male, so I am obviously clueless when it comes to the female mind but I have two thoughts.

    1) Hillary was not all that impressive. Yes, she has been around for donkey’s years but she hasn’t done much in the way of jobs. All the success she has achieved recently is due to her husband and she was quite happy to throw women under the bus when it was revealed the appalling way Bill treats women and her path to power was threatened. Palin has gotten to where she is on her own merit, not off the back of her husband.

    2) The ‘tolerant’ liberal press exposed their worst neurosis’ when it came time for them to fill the info void after Palin was announced as candidate. I think many people were outraged by the press’ efforts to make her look like country bumpkin when she’s had a quite successful career to date. The condescension and snark of the progressives was something to behold.

  4. The ‘social conservative’ movement adores anti-women women.

  5. But then a lot of women think Sex and the City has something to say about feminism.

  6. Can a woman be pro-life and a feminist?

    I say yes, but I’m just some dude.

  7. Palin isn’t the reason for the bounce… didn’t you all hear?

    The McCain/Palin ticket is the real ticket for CHANGE! They are fresh mavericks who will march into Washington and clean up the corrupt system that has manifested intself and been allowed to grow and fester while those damned Republicans where in there!

    Only Republicans can change and fix the damage done by Republicans.

  8. Given the high rates of voter apathy in the western world, I am not surprised that race or sex is the #1 criteria.

    Policy? Plan? Record? Who cares!

    Considering how badly US government spending and the economy has been managed, they should be worried about ABILITY and nothing else. But the mob is not interested in results only photo ops and feel good sound bites.

    Long live American style democracy! It gets the best ratings!!!!

  9. One can only laugh at a mention of her lack of experience, when compared to the big ‘O’ with 2 years in the senate, most of which has been spent preparing for his run for the nomination. (And he is the top of the ticket in case anyone has forgotten)

  10. jwl: Citations on point #2?

    Any examples of “the press’ efforts to make her look like country bumpkin”?

    Please note: J. Random Blogger is not “the press”, nor is s/he the progressive movement.

  11. TJ Cook

    Don’t have time to find all the links but a good start would be Sally Quinn//Washington Post, Elisabeth Bumiller/NY Times and Andrew Sullivan/The Atlantic. My absolute favourite though was published by the CBC, of course:


    Do they count as ‘the press’?

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