Glenn Beck threatens to fire employees who save energy


Right-wing loudmouth Glenn Beck has issued a memo to his minions warning he’ll fire any of his employees who use energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs.

“I’m dead serious,” Beck told his TV audience. “I fire the person that starts to purchase fluorescent light bulbs, unless that is the only light bulb for a very specific reason, and I want to be CC’d on what that reason is.”

He then upped the climate-of-fear warning: “If anyone does anything in this company because of global warming, they’re fired.”

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Glenn Beck threatens to fire employees who save energy

  1. Right-wing loudmouth Glenn Beck

    Nope. No bias here.

    • Perhaps you’re right. Right-wing douchebag is far more appropriate.

      • Charlatan would be my choice. Of course, the damage he is doing is far more than just ripping people off. He’s deliberately undermining society for personal gain.

    • Right wing? Check.
      Loudmouth? Check.

      Sure, it’s not very professional , but it’s probably kinder than he deserves.

    • Right-wing laughable circus clown who preys on stupid naive conservatives to make money?

      Is that better?

  2. Have to love the supreme irony of accusing Glenn Beck of promoting a “climate-of-fear” about global warming, which pretty much everyone now acknowledges is stalled.

    • No, they don’t.

    • Evidence please.

      Only people who failed statistics draw a line from the year with the highest temp in modern history to today and say “look guys, it hasn’t gotten any hotter than the freakishly hot year 1998–global warming averted!”

  3. “There’s a sucker born every minute”….the way Beck got rich.

  4. What a phukking clown.

  5. So, Maclean’s, how about a little balance?

    If global warming ignorance is your topic du jour, maybe you could write a story about the utter ignorance of “left wing loudmouth David Suzuki“?

    Or is scoring cheap political points against American conservatives more important than exposing the ignorance of an icon of the Canadian left?

    • Has Suzuki threated to fire people who don’t use compact fluo lightbults?

      • No, he wants to jail them.

        • You are confused john g. Only the state can jail people, and Suzuki ain’t the state. But Beck as an employer can fire employees.

  6. At some dark corner down this dead end road it’ll be a face palm moment for the jockey of shock.

  7. Is it better for a nation to have a few brainless commentators, or a nation where 90% of its people blindly follow their money-hungry media in a frenzy to give a killer $C6.6 million for killing his 12-year-old classmate.

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