Global swine flu deaths hit 700

H1N1 could be biggest flu pandemic ever, WHO official says


With more than 700 people around the world dead from swine flu since the outbreak started four months ago—an increase of at least two-thirds from the last official death toll of 429, published July 6 by the World Health Organization—swine flu could be the biggest flu pandemic ever seen, says Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO. Luckily, most cases are still only producing mild symptoms like headache, runny nose and sneezing; the great majority of people won’t even require medical attention before recovering, the BBC reports. About 125,000 confirmed cases have been reported globally, although the number certainly exceeds that; but the WHO says it’s pointless to identify every new H1N1 case, as the pandemic is developing so fast. In past pandemics, flu viruses took over six months to spread as widely as this virus is spread in under six weeks. School closures are among several recommendations being looked as, as the flu is expected to surge in the Northern hemisphere in the fall, when the weather cools.


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Global swine flu deaths hit 700

  1. The American drug companies plan to make billions by hyping the sniffles into the bubonic plague. It is an absolute disgrace the way this story is being reported by the media and the way organizations like WHO and certain individuals promoting their own agendas and careers are behaving. This is the fourth time in six years the pandemic "profits" of doom have gotten it totally wrong and it's time someone take them to task for their scare mongering. If there ever was an argument to be made why newspapers with real reporters who do investigative journalism are still desperately needed, this has got to be it. Twittering twits just don't cut it.