GM to upgrade St. Catharines car plant -

GM to upgrade St. Catharines car plant

$235 million project hoped to bring back jobs


General Motors Co. has announced a multimillion dollar upgrade to its St. Catharines plant as part of a major plan to refurbish five of its North American factories with technology for building more efficient vehicles. The new spending means another possible 400 jobs and a secure future for the Ontario plant, and gives new hope to 250 workers who are on indefinite layoff following the near collapse of the automaker. In all the refurbishment plan will spend $890 million to upgrade factories in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, and to build a new eight cylinder engine at a plant in New York state.

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GM to upgrade St. Catharines car plant

  1. Canadian taxpayers get to spend $235 million to refurbish what should be a private company and it may or may not create a few hundred jobs. You would think a couple hundred million would create a few artificial jobs but apparently not. What a bargain!

  2. TOO BIG TOO FAIL means you had better get as humungously big as you possibly can, who cares what the market has to say. Those 400 + 250 jobs will be useful hostages in a few years when the next extortion phase comes around.