Gohier v. Patriquin on the Quebec City arena



Gohier v. Patriquin on the Quebec City arena

  1. Gohier, do you wear eye makeup, or are your eyes so deeply recessed into your skull that they’re permanently shadowed?  Or is it just bad lighting?

    I kid, I kid.

  2. Why is this stuck at the top?  Nobody seems to be interested in it and it’s also on the right side of the page if anybody is. 

  3. Socializing the debt, privatizing the profit. 1.47 billion reasons why we shouldn’t. But no one ever listens to me…

  4. 4 days that this post is stuck at the top… This might be a record.

    I used to go on Blog Central and immediately check the date of the upper-most post, to see if anything new had been posted.

    Now I not only have to check the date, but also the author. If it’s from Gohier, I know to scroll down because something more current will be posted below.

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