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Going nuclear?

PM moves to strike trade deal with India on nuclear goods


On the first day of a three-day trip to India, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told business audience in Mumbai that the $5 billion currently flowing between the nations isn’t nearly enough and that the two countries should work on expanding their business relationship. Harper notably
plans to meet with Indian leaders later this week to discuss a nuclear co-operation agreement between Canada and India. Should the talks prove successful, they could result in the first agreement between the two countries to trade nuclear goods since 1974, when India used Canadian technology to test a nuclear bomb. Harper also said he hopes to increase Indian tourism to Canada, and ended his visit to Mumbai on a light note by clapping along with dancers on the set of Dance Premier League, India’s version of So You Think You Can Dance.


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Going nuclear?

  1. This is both a strategically and economically wise move. China is emerging as a peer competitor with the United States. A strong India can help limit Chinese ambitions. Historically, states have had trouble when they are forced to both develop power projection strategies in order to influence the global system, while also preserving regional leadership. For instance, the constant threat of land invasion prevented France from making sustained efforts to challenge British dominance of the seas. Similarly, when the Germans launched their own bid for continental hegemony they failed to build an air-force capable of defeating Britain, and an army that could defeat the USSR. The best part is, we can get rich while serving our long-term strategic interests.

  2. Er, what do you mean by 'our'? Canada's a peer competitor with China now?