Conservative MP Rob Anders on the rocks -

Conservative MP Rob Anders on the rocks

Controversial Calgary West Tory loses a key riding association battle


Famous primarily for his vote in Parliament against making Nelson Mandela an honorary citizen of Canada—the only MP to do so, he called the South African statesman a “communist and a terrorist”—Rob Anders has more recently been pretty quiet in the House. He may now go silent entirely, as the latest attempts to oust him from his Calgary West fiefdom begin to look promising. Corporate lawyer Donna Kennedy-Glans, who during last year’s federal elections reported Anders had told her Canadian diplomatic and humanitarian efforts should work towards making the world speak English and believe in Jesus Christ, has managed to stack the riding association board with her supporters. In a couple of months, Kennedy-Glans will try to drum up support for a new nomination race, which under federal party rules requires that two-thirds of constituency members vote for a contest.

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Conservative MP Rob Anders on the rocks

  1. Rob Anders is a fighter, and he will not go down easily. I expect he will vigorously try to position Ms. Kennedy-Glans as some sort of Liberal, even though she has been a Conservative longer than he has been alive.

    • I heard over at Calgary Grit that prior to the election of the board of supervisors Anders sent out a letter to supporters accusing Kennedy-Glans of being a ‘closet Liberal’

  2. Good job, Biff.

  3. Indeed, Rob, please go.

    • Anders seems to be pretty guilty on the worst possibleCPC faux pas (oops, sorry, that should be “bad step” in Conservativese).


      That and what good is a secret agenda if you tell everyone about it.

      The CPC does have a history of overriding riding-level democracy to avoid embarassment. Think Grant Devine, although he is somewhat deranged at present. Freedom & libertarianism when necessary but not necessarily yada yada yada.

      • “Overriding riding level democracy” is a stone I don’t think any party in this country can throw without having tossed back at their own glass house.

  4. Anders on the Rocks

    1 part sherry
    1 part Molson Canadian
    2 parts creme-de-menthe*
    garnish with toothpaste

    * substitution of Alcool for the creme-de-menthe yields a “Go Rob Go.”

    • Heh. A wonderfully unappealing mixture. I would replace the Molson with some Afrikaans imported brew.

  5. Heh. Liberals like me are always getting into trouble (love the recurring theme, btw!) I think the reality TV show idea is great, though I’m not sure if the audience niche is large enough to qualify for its own micro-programming. Perhaps if you sent me to the Tribal Areas of Pakistan where I could hold forth on the virtues of pluralism, tolerance and multiculturalism…

  6. Living next door to Calgary-West, I’ve heard only bad things about Rob Anders everytime I talk to some of his constituents. And these people aren’t Liberals or NDPers who are complaining; most of these people are die-hard conservatives (and by extension, Conservatives).

    Let’s keep Calgary-West blue, but let’s get a better MP who can actually contribute productively and represent the riding as it should be. Rob…Anders…must…go…

  7. Those board meetings must be fun.

    • “Point of order, Mr. Chairman. I would like the committee to note that my challenger is in fact a Liberal spy, a mole, a Liberal, a proto-Marxist, a Liberal, and above all a Manchurian Candidate (and a Liberal) who has masqueraded as a Tory for longer than I’ve been alive.”

      • Was she a Progressive Conservative Tory? I realize that Anders is taking this tack because he has no record of accomplishment to run on, but the idea that Progressive Conservative = Liberal might have some traction among those who really hated what the party became in the 1980’s.

  8. I hope Rob Anders replaces Harper. Harper is a closet Liberal.