Google launches movie rental service in Canada

YouTube Movies to compete with Netflix


Google Inc. is launching a YouTube-based movie rental service in Canada, putting the corporation in direct competition with Netflix—the service that offers unlimited access to thousands of films and television shows for a flat monthly fee of approximately 8 dollars. YouTube movies, like Netflix, has a limited selection of new Hollywood content—though sources say the Canadian version of YouTube movies has more Hollywood titles than the Canadian Netflix service. Google has made deals with Canadian studios, such as Mongrel and Alliance, in addition to other American production companies in order to effectively monetize YouTube—the third most visited website on the internet.

The Globe and Mail

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Google launches movie rental service in Canada

  1. Yeah I was hoping it would be more of an unlimited streaming access as
    well for $8-$12/month instead of paying to rent each movie which is why I
    chose Netflix over iTunes in the first place. I’ll pass on this until
    they add a subscription option as well for unlimited monthly access.

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