Google offers Canadians free calls from G-mail -

Google offers Canadians free calls from G-mail

International calls as low as 2 cents per minute


Unstoppable Google will go head to head with online telephone service provider Skype by offering free calls from any Gmail account to others in Canada and the U.S., it announced Wednesday. The service will make its money by charging for calls to international destinations including Europe, China and Japan, with rates starting as low as 2 cents per minute. People will be able to receive calls on their PC for free as well, if they sign up for a free telephone number provided by Google. Skype, owned by eBay, has thus far been the leader in internet voice services with 8.1 million paid subscribers and a profit of $13 million in the first half of this year.


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Google offers Canadians free calls from G-mail

  1. Yeah. I don't think they are offering this service to Canadians as the headline suggests. Just to "US" callers at the moment.

    • It is working for calls within Canada. Just tried it from one location to a local landline…. worked fine !

      • Works to Canadian cell phones too.

      • hi, kindly tell how did you make it ? i tried but failed.

  2. Yeah, it works perfectly within the Canada as well USA.

  3. No problem with a "local" call or long distance calls within Canada/U.S. I tried all three and it worked perfectly. The audio was surprisingly good.
    International calls are a-coming!!!

  4. Sweet, this will make getting a good webcam more interesting.

  5. did over all the world ?

  6. Is there a free call from other countries to US AND CANADA. I have tried but the operator say's could not connect.

  7. Yeah, you can call from Gmail (if you live in the US or Canada) to anywhere in US or Canada, landlines and mobile phones. The problem is, they can't call you back if you live in Canada as Google Voice isn't available here.

  8. Doesn't work for PowerPC Mac… wft google.

  9. The option seems to have fanished!!!!

  10. Yahoo has had it for a long time…talk to a friend in Florida almost every day. Available through Yahoo IM.

  11. It's free to year end. After that maybe yes, maybe no.
    If the system gets too busy it doesn't complete sign up until later.
    Just keep checking on it for a few days until the phone symbol shows up..