Got $7.95 million? The Mulroney mansion is up for sale

Chandeliers and sconces not included


The mansion that belongs to former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney and his wife Mila went up for sale earlier this month, according to a report in the Montreal Gazette.

The five-bedroom five-bathroom home (with an additional two bedrooms in the basement) is in the Montreal neighborhood of Westmount and is listed at $7.95 million.

The home was purchased under the name Mila Pivnicki in 1993, reports the Gazette. The initial cost of the home was pegged at somewhere around $1.7 million.

“Located on a tranquil crescent, discreetly tucked away into an intimate oasis, is a property that will continue to take your breath away once inside,” reads the listing.

And take your breath away it may, particularly if you get tangled in the heavy drapery adorning the formal sitting room and dining room.

However, those thick curtains, along with the chandeliers and sconces are not included in the asking price, according to the listing.

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Got $7.95 million? The Mulroney mansion is up for sale

  1. Not my kind of house…..I’m a minimalist…. but I wish him well with it.

  2. Mila and her animal prints.

  3. A Liberal walks into a mansion, looks around and tsk tsked saying, “No one needs to live like this”.
    A Conservative walks into a mansion, looks around and says, “Everyone should get to live like this”.

    • Mmmm noooo that would be NDP ideology

      • Liberal, NDP.
        Potato, Potatoe.

        • The quote you attributed to Cons is NDP ideology.

  4. And to think all this was kickstarted by $100 000 in dirty German cash.

    • Add $300k in quick undeclared cash, to $2.1 million the Liberals gave him, and Liberals bought the Airbus planes for Air Canada anyways. More in juice 10.4% taxpayer guaranteed pension returns, with whatever we don’t know about….

      He made off like a bandit. Now we know why we got GST, to be stuck paying for it.

  5. Lots of cash envelopes and $2.1 million from the Liberals goes a long way.

    But hey, I wonder why they never asked for the $2+ million back as his reputation was deserved. But that is Canadian politics, deceive the people for back room deals, favours, stock tips, ultra opulent 10.4% guaranteed return pensions and lobby money. Brian and Mila should thank Liberals for the bailout.

  6. I’ll write Brian a check right now for $6.95 million..While I doubt that my bank will honor it, it’s a rather minor issue as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Oh my….could we get one more colour or pattern in there?

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