Got raw milk! -

Got raw milk!

Dairy farmer allowed to distribute unpasteurized milk, court rules


After a dramatic legal and food ethics battle, dairy farm Michael Schmidt triumphed today when a Newmarket, Ont., judge ruled that he can continue distributing raw milk through his cow-share program, which does not break the law against selling unpasteurized milk. Schmidt, of Durham, Ont., runs a cow-share program that is exempted from the province’s health protection and promotion act and the milk act. People pay a portion to cover the cost of cow, which provides the farmer with a loophole to offer the owners milk without having to sell it to them. Schmidt, who was found not guilty of 19 charges, celebrated his victory with a cold glass of raw milk outside the courthouse.

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Got raw milk!

  1. How will we inspect raw milk sold in this manner? Is it buyer beware?

    • Technically, since the consumer already owns the milk, it would be owner beware.

      It just struck me that a cow share is very similar in theory to an income trust. Both the benefit and risk get passed along to the non-managing owners, as opposed to buying shares, which is kind of like buying milk in a supermarket.

  2. Good to hear. I don't know why the government feels the need to hold everyone's hand at the dinner table, if they know what they are getting into and willing to take responsibility for it.

  3. Being raised on raised on raw milk in the 40's I know the tremendous benefits which are not found in 'dead' pasteurized milk which I have never consumed for health reasons! As for germs and 'dangerous' microbes this is grossly overstated, as I am far more concerned about drug and hormone contaminated 'dead' milk products. To sum it all up, in all my 70+ years germs, etc have never been a health concern since I have been taught how to prevent any of these from ever affecting my health in a most simple way which germ focussed health authorities do not recognize to this day. I can also add a certain supplement to raw milk which destroys all anaerobic microbes, so what's the fuss about wonderful raw milk?
    John Brouwer

  4. having been raised on unpasteurised milk with no negative effects, i wondered when i came to canada why it was not available here. i learned that farmers are allowed to sell milk that is contaminated with brucellosis and tuberculosis bacteria, hence the need for pasteurisation. just like egg producers are allowed to sell eggs that are internally,not just on the outside, contaminated with coliform bacteria.
    we travel a lot and find that in europe raw but ancontaminated milk is available. also all eggs are date stamped, coliform free and perfectly suitable for consumption in the raw state.[ceasar salad etc.]. also , the eggs are so fresh, they are stored and sold unrefrigerated!! we never had a bad one yet ! and they are cheaper than in canada. so, what gives? a little less greed in the canadian food supply would do the trick ! anyboby out there listening ?