Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean will be absent for her final Canada Day -

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean will be absent for her final Canada Day

The PM has dispatched her to China


Michaëlle Jean will spend her final Canada Day in the role of Governor General overseas in China, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Monday. As her five-year term comes to a close this year, she will make her first visit to the country in more than 15 years. The PMO said this visit will mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and the People’s Republic of China. In the news release about the trip, the PMO added the visit “will highlight the strong bonds between our people and the importance of our relationship.” Jean plans to join Expo 2010 festivities in Shanghai, meet with Canadians and other visitors to the country, raise Canada’s flag, and tour the Canadian pavilion. She will also visit the province of Guangdong, which is home to the majority of Chinese immigrants to Canada. Her tour will finish in Sichuan, where the 2008 earthquake occurred and killed some 70,000 people.

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Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean will be absent for her final Canada Day

  1. What a way to get a great trip at taxpayers expense. The Queen is the head of state; not Ms. Jean. With the Queen in Canada Jean would take a back seat at Canada day.
    Once again we have the media trying to suggest something nefarious. The country must be really running well.

  2. I think the Harper PMO is afraid that if the Queen and her Viceroy come into contact it will cause a rip in the space/time continuum and the whole universe will come to an end.

    Then again maybe some of their base would welcome that.

  3. This should be interesting. First, Condoleeza Rice wasn't exactly warmly greeted when she went to China. Second, Jean is beyond obsessed with diversity and the Chinese, wisely, eschew this nonsense in favour of building a harmonious society. If she goes off about diversity it may become a diplomatic spat. Finally, you just know she's going to say something about Tibet. I won't be surprised if the trip gets cut short.

    Interestingly, China is being accused of ethnic cleansing merely for building a railroad to Tibet and possibly increasing the number of Han Chinese living there; this is different from Canada's immigration policy…how? If you believe China is guilty of ethnic cleansing then so is the Canadian government.

    • Boogard China is being accused of ethnic cleansing in Tibet for a vast array of reasons, most of them more legitimate than the railroad argument. Yep- calling it ethnic cleansing is extreme, genocide is also going too far, but it would be naive to think that Chinese government policies over the last three decades have not often been designed to blunt and eradicate Tibetan culture, religiosity and nationalism.

  4. "If she goes off about diversity it may become a diplomatic spat"

    I just can't see that happening. The Gov Gen is far too classy for that.

  5. Maybe Machievellian Steve is hoping the Opposition will drop their defences while the GG is out of the country – assuming he will not forcethe dropping of a writ while she's away.
    Of course – her boss (and His – note the capitalisation Hollinm) could be very well asked to accept his petition for an election – since she's in the neighbourhood – but since she has known the likes of Churchill, Thatcher, Trudeau, Chretien and Blair – I doubt that she'll take any more guff from President in his mind Harper deserves (which reason is also probably why the GG is shunted out fo the country at this time!

    • Wascally……I am sure the thought that Harper would call an election strikes fear into the heart of every Liberal in the country. Don't get too smug. Your day will come and we will see how the carpetbagger survives under the intense glare of a campaign.

      Can you imagine Ignatieff on the campaign trail for 37 days. Canadians being exposed to the Russian elite who thinks he is better than everyone in the room. Look at the interview with Hec Cloutier. He told him exactly what he thought of him. There have been two candidates who have withdrawn their willingness to run for the Liberals. MacLean in Hamilton is the latest one.

      It drives you guys crazy that the PM will be capturing headlines while leading the G8 and G20 conferences and in public with the Queen looking all prime ministerial while your guy sits at his chateau in France.

      • Slightly off-topic but it's ironic that the "just visiting/too American" smear on Ignatieff is now being propagated via the term "Carpet-bagger" — a US import if there ever was one.

  6. The GG should be the one to greet the Queen when she arrives in Canada after all she is the Queen's rep. in Canada. Harper should be the one going to China.

    • S M B……she will be there to greet the Queen as well as to say good bye. I don't what your problem is. She is the head of state not Harper. It is not a poltical meeting. Besides with the Queen in Canada Jean would take a back seat it would be the Queen front and centre as she is Canada's head of state not Jean.

      • SMB
        That being said the GG represents the Queen in Canada Not Harper.He just wants The GG out of the way

  7. Could not agree more.

    Harper is NOT the head of state, much to his ego's dismay He is a mere elected official. He should be dispatched to China and ahve the PM there rake him over the colas again for his lack.late interest in China.