Government accused of setting up pay-to-play contract scheme -

Government accused of setting up pay-to-play contract scheme

Conservatives gave public contracts to party donors, say Bloc MPs


The Bloc Québécois claims at least three Conservative party donors were handed federal contracts by the Public Works department in recent years. One of those contracts went to Montreal businessman Paul Sauvé, who says he gave $140,000 to Conservative insider Gilles Varin to lobby on his behalf. (Varin denies receiving the bonus and says all he did was pass along a resumé.) Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis, who previously held the Public Works portfolio for the government, defended attending a fundraiser at which he congratulated Sauvé. “I can congratulate them, I can say good job,” the minister said in French. “But never did I discuss the contracts with the individuals.”

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Government accused of setting up pay-to-play contract scheme

  1. I see the Bloc has adopted a Maclean's standard of reporting: make all lists one item long. The Bloc, perhaps conveniently in error, does not list how many contracts went to donors to the Bloc, Liberals, or NDP.

    There are four (serious) federal parties that are potential recipients of political donations and how many millions of people making those donations? What are you supposed to do? Donate to get your party in power and then stop donating so that they can't finance their stay in power? Does donating to a political party exclude you from biding on government contracts?

    Hey, I know it is the opposition's job to run these things up the flag pole. Work it Bloc! But what do they think would be a better solution? Political parties completely funded by the public purse?

    You bet they would!

    • " Donate to get your party in power and then stop donating so that they can't finance their stay in power?"

      How much can it possibly cost to stay in power? In the past, minority governments used their first term to gain the confidence of the voters but this government has gone with sustained campaigning instead. Personally, I think completely public funding would be a huge improvement. We don't need politicking between elections – we need government.

      The Conservatives made a lot of hay out of that $1.95 per vote but the tax credit for political donations costs much more and gives nothing of value to the majority of Canadians.

      • The answers to your questions are: alot; this isn't the past.

        If you want public funding, great, get involved in a political party and start collecting funds to make it happen. Make sure you let everybody know you are advocating that political parties of all stripes will, under your party's government, be getting regular helpings from the trough. This will have the wonderful effect of further reducing any requirement to be involved in some meaningful way in the political process, because people will be forced to give money as opposed to volunteering time and money for their cause.

        As I have said before, if you want change in the politics of the day, you must campaign relentlessly for it. Public financing will mearly dilute the process (even further) by bringing onto the stage too many parties that just aren't ready for primetime. The Greens come to mind.

        • it's semantics. There already is public funding of political parties.

          I.e. if you want to protest the vote subsidy, don't report political donations on your tax returns.

  2. Any word if the Bloc have outsourced to Mulclair a new statement of profound sadness and disappointment?

  3. If your friend helps you accomplish a goal and your company now needs work done do you go to those who tried to screw you. Not likely politics is all the same The Liberals ,Bloc,NDP and even the Greens when May tried to worm her way into a senate appointment with Dion.Get over it !