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Federal government cutting 245 jobs

Elimination of jobs at government agencies, boards and commissions expected to save $1.2 million


Treasury Board President Stockwell Day has announced Ottawa will cut 245 governor-in-council positions from government agencies, boards and commissions as part of its strategy to save $6.8 billion over the next five years. The move amounts to a less-than-10 per cent of the 2,700 cabinet-appointed positions, but is expected to save about $1.2 million. Some agencies and advisory boards will be completely eliminated, including the Canadian Council on the Status of the Artist, the advisory committee for Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation, and the Space Advisory Board. About 90 percent of the jobs were already vacant, which means the government will be able to avoid layoffs by simply not appointing new people to the positions.

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Federal government cutting 245 jobs

  1. Right direction, but weak. Particularly since most of the "jobs" weren't even occupied.

    Good Need-to-Know segment, incidentally. Covers the salient facts in one paragraph without injecting the author's opinion.

  2. The Space Advisory Board? Really? Jim Prentice created that one not two years ago. And now with a Throne Speech that talks about space technologies in protecting arctic sovereignty, they're getting rid of the Space Advisory Board?

    Good to see Harper working to keep his record of promises vs. action intact.

  3. Federal government cutting 245 jobs
    Elimination of jobs at government agencies, boards and commissions expected to save $1.2 million

    Okay can someone do the math for me, 245 positions cut, 1.2 million saved. and you want me to beleive that these 245.00 positions were paying 5k a year each. that BS….

    • its probably because 90% of the positions were vacant and no salaries were being paid on those

      BTW…I wonder how many government man-hours were spent on this, accomplishing almost nothing…

    • Most of these positions are part time — just go to a few board meetings a year, get a per diem for each one. The appointees have other full-time jobs.

      But thanks for doing the math. I hadn't actually considered the numbers that closely myself. So clearly "cutting 245 jobs" is overstating things.

  4. lets see 2 months and they found $1.2M. We should have this deficit buried in what a few generations of Tory rule?

    • In their defence, they were consulting with Canadians for a good portion of that time too, remember. That's why they decided to change the anthem.. and then.. not.. change the anthem.

  5. if thyeyhadnt follolwed the usa's moves on this depression by spending 80 billion dollars and putting this country into big debt none of this would be necessary

    bad choices bad government bad decision making

  6. This is just a few token baby steps. And even if the whole works of them were dumped does anyone really think our obscene tax rate here would actually drop?