Will Ottawa dip into $1 billion fund to pay for Quebec City arena?

Federal infrastructure fund can’t be used for facilities aimed at professional sports


The Conservatives are considering dipping into $1 billion of unspent money from the 2008 budget’s P3 Canada Fund to help pay for a new hockey arena in Quebec City. The P3 fund, which is allotted to joint projects between the government and private sector, currently forbids spending on “facilities used primarily by professional athletes,” but the Conservatives are looking at ways to bypass the restriction, as it seems to be the only source of federal funding for new stadiums and arenas. Among other projects, Ottawa is taking a close look at Saskatchewan’s request for $100-million from the $1.25-billion fund to build a new stadium that would be home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but would not be used exclusively for professional sports. Quebecor President Pierre Karl Péladeau has expressed a willingness to invest “tens of millions of dollars” towards a new $400 million arena in Quebec City, which would be home to a new NHL franchise.

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Will Ottawa dip into $1 billion fund to pay for Quebec City arena?

  1. How is this still on the table?! Might we actually face an innner revolt in the CPC?
    Just before a potential election?

    This could actually be interesting!

  2. The National Post–certainly not a personal favourite, but nonetheless–is reporting that, all told, "the federal government expects to rack up nearly $110-billion in debt due to deficits from the current fiscal year through to 2015-16…"

    Listen. I'm just sayin'. So ya find $1 billion from the 2008 budget. You don't have to burn through it. On sports and entertainment. I'm just sayin'. We as a country MIGHT consider not approaching our finances like a 15-year-old who just got hold of their parents' credit card and wants a new game console.

  3. …"the federal government expects to rack up nearly $110-billion in debt due to deficits from the current fiscal year through to 2015-16…"

    Imagine what they will do with a majority!

    Election now please.

  4. Noooooooooooooo………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

    • Let me add to this – Noooooooooooooooo……!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nonsense! The lefty media are hilariously inept! American Iggo and the "Liberals' want to force an election, so the media agents of that party will say and do anything to try and get the "Liberals" elected. Pathetic! Has the PM and the Government said they will fund an arena in Quebec? NO. In fact they've said the opposite, but that doesn't stop the lefty media from "misinterpreting" (lying) the facts. The lefty media continue to show they're desperation by throwing out any co-ordinated exaggeration that they think will help the Lib/Dip/Separatist alliance win an election. The media really are a pathetic pack of A-holes.

  6. Would Harper dare risk such blatant vote-buying in Quebec? He's beenn doing it for five years, why would he stop the gravy train now?

    • Care to list this so-called "vote buying", "gravy train" you imagine has been happening?

  7. Why is it Quebec hates us Canadians unless we stupidly shovel more money into their endless blackhole wallets that they so happily spend on themselves? Why do we keep allowing it?

  8. Oh and btw, you guys don't "give us" money, we live in the same country and we pay the same federal taxes. Not too long ago it was the Quebec province who was sending perequation to other province.

    • Also, economy 101 again, the Canadian dept is held for the most part by canadian investors such as Teachers in Ontario. This means that the money the federal government pay to the dept in being transferred to canadians for the most part. It's not like we're throwing it out of the country like the USA with 25%+ of their dept being held by China.

  9. You;re insufferable self importance is duly noted, but you seem to suffer from a serious, delusional premise that Canadians care about Quebecs tribal desires. I would suggest to you that Canadians care as much about Quebec as Quebecers care about British Columbia, or any other Canadian Province, which is to say… not much. If Quebec wants a new stadium for professional hockey, then surely it's not a concern of Canada's, but the concern of Quebec.

    • Someone with the avatar "Trudeau Lover" accuses another of self-importance. Tragic and ironic lack of insight on display here, I would say. Symptoms include the presumption to speak on behalf of all Canadians.

      Prognosis poor.

      • The only presumption here is the presumption that you're judgement, based on my opinion is important to anyone other than yourself. Tragic and ironic display of self diagnosed superiority. Prognosis, who cares.

  10. why not? better then it going to some strange country government or agency that goes to unspecified and unnamed and untraceable people

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