Government given two weeks to release detainee documents

Speaker sends MPs back to committee break impasse


House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken has ruled the government must turn over uncensored versions of documents related to the transfer of Afghan detainees. Milliken has sent government and opposition MPs back to Parliament’s Afghanistan committee, giving them two weeks to work out an agreement under which the secrecy of the documents can be assured. Should they fail to come to an agreement allowing for the release of the documents, Milliken said he could find the government in contempt of Parliament.

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Government given two weeks to release detainee documents

  1. The Canadian Forces work for the in power government, whoever they may be, not for all opposition parties. To release sensitive military documents to opposition parties, who only goal is political gain, is dangerous and shameful>i ma not happy with a party, determined to break up cnada looking at them, thats for sure

    I'd love to see an election called on this issue.Do you honestly think for one minute that Canadians favour Afghan terrorists over their own sons and daughters?

  2. Do you honestly think that Canadians are that stupid? Oh wait, I know the answer.

  3. Well that's it, then. I have every faith that the Conservatives will swiftly and agreeably move forward to comply with the Speaker's ruling, and will resist the urge to indulge in further delay tactics. We can rest easy knowing that they will not be frantically trying to find some – any – minor technicality or disingenuous ploy to thwart the will of our elected house. Thank goodness we can put this affair behind us.

  4. The Canadian forces work for Canadians, who are represented by the entire House of Parliament.

    Trust me, we do NOT want the Canadian Forces working for the CPC or the Liberals.

  5. For two weeks, at least.

  6. Why is anyone surprised – of course the speaker ruled exactly as he should as the issue was never what is on the surface – invariably we will wait 2 weeks and more than likely a compromise will be reached and in the meantime the clock ticked by as anyone with a modicum of experience is canadian politcal history would realize. The partys will be looking at their internal polling to determine if they want to carry the fight further and as it stands none of the partys want to go the polls therefore after a few months a mechanism will be found more than likely during the summer – then come fall back to the fake issues! – if an election is forced the issue goes off the table so in a way the opposition parties are hamstrung either way and harper knows it

  7. Have you been drinking with TJ?

  8. Liberal MP Dosanji has already proven that, when he was caught twittering information out from a confidential committee meeting.

    Heaven help our troops if all the sensitive information is released to the Liberals. Dosanji will prove once and for all that votes are more importent to his party than Canadian soldiers' lives.

  9. Sparrow?

  10. Yup. He twittered that the Bloc was blocking movement on a bill. He also apologized shortly there-after and the incident hasn't recurred. Obviously there's absolutely no difference between that and information that might jeapordize national security. Heaven help us, if Canadians were aware that the Bloc might block a piece of legislation, no doubt there'd be rioting in the streets..

    ..get real.

  11. Harper knows everything.
    Just like he knew Canadians were not interested in the prorogation he announced New Years Eve…….

    He is a gambler and his bet has been called.

  12. He should not be twittering at all..He was premier of BC when I lived there, and he was not bright enough to look after that province.

  13. I don't think SH would risk proroguing again. The polls showed a 10-point decrease last time.

    I think he'll take it to the Supreme Court.

  14. It has nothing to do with 'opposition parties'. It's the marjority in Parliament that rules. Mr. Harper's government does not have a majority government.

  15. Finally, real accountability.
    It's about time a government that got elected by promising accountability can live up to it's name. Too bad it had to forced out of them.

  16. My bold prediction:

    This will be appealed to the SCC. The government will abandon its appeal of the Speaker's ruling some time during the summer recess and will call an election instead. They will say it is up to the people to decide, but first they have to spend lots of money on advertising to ensure the people's decision is skewed by their mischaracterization of the issue.

  17. "… spend lots of government money on advertising …"

    Fixed for you.

  18. I don't agree with your prediction, Pat. Now that the Speaker has ruled this way, the politics & optics just aren't that good for the Tories. They will not base an election call or campaign on this. The average Canadian is no political junkie or wonk, but does sort of intuitively understand that Parliament (and, by implication, the principle of Parliamentary supremacy) is important.

    On the other hand, the other side of the coin is, the issue of Afghan detainees, while important, is not a huge political winner for the Liberals either. They need to find another issue.

  19. Thank you Mr Speaker for preserving the basis of democracy in Canada.

    Many commenters seem to think that this will result in a vote of non-confidence in the government (I agree) over contempt of Parliament which would lead to an election (not necessarily). People should be aware that Parliament has the right to punish government officials who are found in contempt of Parliament, including imprisonment. It will be very interesting to see if the current Governor General will agree to take any further orders from a Prime Minister who is in comptempt of Parliament and who might possibly be behind bars. I suspect that the Prime Minister's powers might cease if and when he is found in contempt of Parliament. Harper's deceitful shenanigans could well lead to a request from the Governor General for the oposition to form a coalition government.

  20. I'm not sure what you mean by this, but I suggest you study the history of the Spanish Civil War.

  21. I hope you are right.

  22. Milliken made it very clear why he ruled as he did. The parliamentary committee could work out a way to deal with the security of the documents. Ths question is – will they, and then will that decision be acceptable to Harper or will he pull another stunt.?

  23. The school children in the house should regard this as a detention given out by their teacher for bad behaviour in the playground.

    I find it interesting that this government is more concerned about the lives of unborn children than they were about the torture (and potential deaths) of Afghani detainees.

  24. If Harper has any leadership qualities whatsoever, if he places any value in our democracy at all, he will now insure that the Speaker's demand is fully and timely met. If he doesn't do so, any reasonable man or woman will have no choice but to consider him a rogue.

    It's entirely up to him. It's very simple and straightforward.

    And don't let anybody including him, try to tell you otherwise.

    Including Andy.

  25. real accountability – good job Milliken!

  26. Prorogation in 13 days?

  27. Our military does NOT work for any political party. The Prime Minister, unlike the President of the United States, does not have the power to place our country at war. The military is answerable to Parliament, that is, to the vote of all the members of parliament regardless of party. In a majority government, that vote will usually represent the wishes of the party in power, but in a minority parliament, they must have the support of some opposition parties.

  28. Can you imagine if the truth got out to the world early in WW II about the Nazi's ? Torture is torture …. was then and it is now! Sad part is we the good guys should know better, apparently not eh.

  29. aid and comfort to the enemy. good job, Parliament!

  30. I'm knitting them all slippers and gun cozies.

  31. Although you meant this as sarcasm, I think that is exactly what the Conservatives are going to do.

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