Government is mocking parliament over Afghan docs: opposition

Trio of MPs ask for violation ruling


Opposition MPs are arguing that the Conservatives have flouted parliamentary rights and traditions by refusing to heed a House order to hand over documents relating to the Afghan detainee scandal. Liberal MP Derek Lee, NDP defence critic Jack Harris and Bloc Québécois MP Claude Bachand stood in the House Thursday morning and called upon the House Speaker to rule it a violation of parliamentary privilege. “If we don’t stand up, efforts to undermine our constitution will have succeeded,” Lee said. Furthermore, Harris made a point of privilege that called for Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon to be found in contempt of the House unless all unredacted documents are turned over to the Afghanistan committee within 30 days of the request. The government has maintained that it won’t hand over the documents due to matters of national security.

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Government is mocking parliament over Afghan docs: opposition

  1. When will the liberals (and dippers) stop wasting our federal legislative time over a handful of Afghans that were allegedly tortured by their own people? We are in Afghanistan at their request, we are not at war with them, so why would we imprison them ourselves? Besides, it should not be much of a surprise that backwards people in a backwards country treat each other in a backwards way.

    • We've signed the Geneva convention.

      Part of those conventions are that we do not torture, and that we do not place people in a situation where there is a high likelihood of being tortured.

      We need to find out why our government signed an agreement which would very likely violate the Geneva conventions we signed, and why they left our troops out there having to choose between abiding by the Geneva conventions or by the agreement of their superiors.

    • We are in Afghanistan at their request…

      What is it that they have asked us to do?

    • Above and beyond anything else (and Thwim's reply says it well)… a conservative supporter like you has some nerve complaining about "wasting federal legislative time" when it was your PM who prorogued Parliament for an extra month so he could avoid/delay questions on this issue in the hopes it would fade away.

      • That is a stupid answer. The conservatives aren't the only government who have prorogued Parliament. The Ontario Liberals just did it too and you didn't hear a peep from Ontario conservatives. Why? Maybe because the Liberals are the whiniest people of all.

        • The Ontario Liberals prorogued for a week at the end of the session. The Conservative prorogued in the middle of a session in order to delay more questions about the detainees in the hopes time and the Olympics would make it fade away. Big difference.

          So, my reply to you is thats a stupid rebuttal.

          • You must know I couldn't care less what your reply is and that my point is that bleeding heart Liberals whine about anything that isn't theirs. Most Canadians hoped it would fade away anyway. Still, one week or 5 weeks…prorogue is prorogue only the McGuinety-dog-hater-money-waster gets away with everything.
            The Liberals ARE wasting time – a lot of it – change the record. Others round the world think Canada's opposition government is crazy to side with the Taliban. Only in Canada.

  2. interesting points raised- and by the comments as well as the initial post

  3. Well I certianly hope so – what could possibly be more fun than mocking the opposition parties right now arfter all they have certainly earned the privilege lately – rather than deal with a specific issue that is applicable to anything remotely considered to be important by the majority of canadians they have in effect prorogued themselves by the constant search for more mud to throw at the conservatives this staartegy will backfire of course as it always does as it is only effective for a very short term and generally does absolutley nothing to achieve anything remotely considered to be important – instead we have Iggy proroguing his MP's on confidence motions and then himself right out of the House and a lot of thesusual ranting, kvetching and ridiculous criticisms – which is why the polls show what they are showing! so in a way as a conservative I applaud them and hope they keep doing such a fine job as they are.

  4. Just wait until an Election is called….

    There are pictures of Harper with his young boyfriend in Toronto. Most real conservatives cannot wait until he has to DENY the fact that he is gay and has gay lovers. Watch the headlines for more.

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