Government moves to suspend Duffy, Wallin from Senate amid expense scandal


OTTAWA – The government is moving to suspend Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin from the Senate without pay.

Both are under RCMP investigation for allegedly filing fraudulent living and travel expense claims.

A Conservative source says motions will be introduced shortly in the Senate to suspend the duo, both of whom were appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and have been sitting as independents since the scandal broke last winter.

The Senate had previously suspended Sen. Patrick Brazeau, who is also under police investigation for inappropriate expense claims, after he was charged with assault and sexual assault in February.

That suspension ended when Harper prorogued Parliament, but the government will move today to reinstate it.

Duffy has pre-empted his suspension by announcing earlier today that he’s taking medical leave due heart problems.


Government moves to suspend Duffy, Wallin from Senate amid expense scandal

  1. Is the timing of this not just a little suspect? Harper with his meandering Throne Speech throwing a bone to the middle classes in the form of–wait for it— Government intervention in the free market and now a move afoot to distance itself from the Senate affairs. Sorry you are not fooling this middle class voter with the old bait and switch move. You are months too late in proposing these sanctions against the Senators and years too late in forcing these obligations on the TV and Phone providers..

  2. it would be nuts for opposition to want duffy and wallin removed from the senate. with these guys(duffy@wallin) staying in the senate, the opposition could make a fortune in fund raising.

  3. The Government cannot suspend anyone from the Senate. The Senate itself can suspend members, but the Gov’t can’t do anything.

    • they only want duffy@wallin) removed for 2 years. hmmmm, isn’t that when the next election comes up.

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