Canada to match Pakistan flood donations -

Canada to match Pakistan flood donations

Funds come on top of $33m already committed to relief efforts


In a move welcomed by aid groups, the Canadian government has announced that it will match private donations to registered charities for relief efforts in Pakistan. The fund-matching initiative is valid for donations between Aug. 2 and Sept. 12, and comes in addition to the $33 million the federal government has already committed to relief efforts. “For every eligible donation by individual Canadians to Canadian registered charities and earmarked for efforts to assist Pakistan relief efforts, Canada will contribute an equivalent amount to the Pakistan Floods Relief Fund,” House leader John Baird told reporters Sunday. The floods have killed nearly 2,000 people and left six million Pakistanis homeless, according to the latest United Nations estimates.

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Canada to match Pakistan flood donations

  1. Be part of Helping the People of Pakistan. Send money to Pakistan and MoneyGram will donate $3 for each transfer. Even the little amounts will make a big difference for these desperate 20 Million people. For more info

  2. Is there any particular reason why we should send ca$h to place full of ppl who want to kill all westerners ?
    Place full of hot jihadists spreaduing hate against west?
    Where are peace loving Saudis with their million$ donating to muslim brothers, heh ?

    • Jonathan, The Saudi's HAVE donated more to the flood relief in pakistan than anyone else. Also, this flood is effecting everyone in Pakistan, not just the terrorists. Show a little compassion.

  3. heyy how about we try to give money to flood victims in our own country!!! (Maple Creek, Sk, Medicine Hat, Ab, Irvine, Ab and anywhere in between.) before we throw money away to another country!!

  4. its totally upto you where ever you want to send the money…all we re asking is not to forget that the people, women and children who are the victims of flooding in Pakistan are also human beings and no different form all of us.. they also need our support! I think this is the time to show that you actually care about the HUMAN RIGHTS as much it is talked about without any differences….

  5. Be very careful who and which organizations you give your money to. There are many humanitarian groups working out there that are just fronts for the terrorists. Give your money to Canadian Red Cross.

  6. So every time there is a natural disaster in the world Canada immediately doles out millions, if not billions? I do not recall ever being asked if I wanted my hard earned tax dollars spent this way.
    These countries (Haiti and Pakistan) have governments that are corrupt and after lining their politicans pockets have no reserves for disaster. Why is it our responsibility? There are natural disasters every year; is this going to be ongoing?

    • I'm afraid I agree with SGale. It is not so much the donations themselves that I disagree with but I certainly disagree with the money being given to the governments in question. If we are to hand out canadian tax payer's money we should set up designated offices in the effected areas to oversee exactly where the money is going. A year later there are people in Haiti desperate for the money donated and they are not getting it. Handing millions of dollars to an already corrupt government is like handing money to a gambling addict in a casino. There is no way the gambler won't gamble.

      The plus side would be across these regions, Canada would be seen by the average disaster victim in these countries as the caring country who helped out. The taliban was seen all over pakistan in media as the helpers on the ground first. How many people changed their opinion about the taliban when they were being given life saving supplies from the very people canada has been at war against? If these countries are willing to take the money then they should let us distribute the donations in a manner that would actually help citizens in desperate need.

  7. Pick and choose your organizations then. Do your homework. But don't leave mothers, children, and innocent people sitting helpless, hungry, and dying simply because you dislike their government.

    If our government had left us in the same situation, would you not hope that someone would come and give you and your children clean water, dry clothes, food…all the things that are now under water? Maybe offer you some hope after your husband/wife/sister/brother/etc was left buried under water??
    Your home?

    We need to stop thinking politic and starting thinking human. Just because North America is relatively healthy and happy doesn't mean that we can forget about the rest of the world.
    They are people too!

  8. @Jonathan – stop being a racist! You are making a blanket statement about an entire nation that is not true. Maybe you should try to get some exposure to the rest of the world. I feel very sorry for you Jonathan. You are a sad sad man.

  9. Why peoples have to be racist in these kinds of situations???? We are all human being at first place. @ Jonathan – i dont think you'll be talking big if you were at those people's place where they lost everything and have nothing to wear and eat.

    If you are in the better part of the world, it doesn't mean you start talking crap.

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