Government to unfreeze MP wages, compensate for pension changes -

Government to unfreeze MP wages, compensate for pension changes


To lessen the pain of new, strict changes to Members of Parliament’s pension plans, the government has lifted the freeze on MP salaries, Global News reports.

The freeze on MP salaries, which has been in place since 2010, will be removed when the new pension rules come into effect, and future wage increases will be tied to the average increase in public sector wages.

As MPs will soon be required to contribute thousands more each year to their pension plan, it is not expected that MPs will, ultimately, end up benefiting financially overall from the salary freeze’s elimination.

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Government to unfreeze MP wages, compensate for pension changes

  1. Isn’t it nice how the over paid and under worked get to fleece us all in the never ending issue of filling there own pockets and at the same time fucking us all out of another dollar.

  2. These MPs already get an annual pension increase based on cost of living . The media has got to get behind the population on these MP salaries and pensions. . I worked in the military for 20 years .because I was under the age of 44 when I left I was penalized 25% of my pension for life. I am now in my 80’s and this has cost me plenty. These MPs are in this job supposedly for the love of their country. Well I love my country was fired at in anger on several occasions and get less pension in one year that would not equal an MPs monthly salary.When I hear Peter Julien( NDP) whining about that their pension should be decided by a civilian body. I thought give a few of us old soldiers a chance to be on that body.They should have to serve at least 10 years in parliament to even qualify for other than the return of contributions like most plans. Harper better not try and keep their lucrative pensions intact and their should be legislation that is dated back several years. It is time to take the greed out of this job and replace it with loyalty to our country as they always declare when it is discussed.

  3. Take away with one hand and get it back with another. That’s politicians