Governor general returns to Haiti

Michaëlle Jean weeps as she revisits her hometown


Streets and rooftops were lined with people the last time Governor General Michaëlle Jean visited Haiti, her home country. Her latest visit, following the earthquake that decimated the country, is much more somber. On the first day of her two-day trip Jean laid a wreath at the church where she was baptized, now crumbled into rumble, and traveled to a community centre where she met with the daughter of her own daughter’s god mother, who died during the quake. Jean’s extended family has been difficult to locate, as the Haitian concept of family is fluid, and the country has no phone books or street signs. Still, the governor general said, “family is about the forces that unite us in solidarity and brotherhood. Family isn’t just in the blood; it’s in the work we do together.”

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Governor general returns to Haiti

  1. I agree 300 percent with Nomada. Her weeping visit cost us a huge bag of money which would have been better spent on the recontruction and feeding the starving. She is better at proroguing.
    We do not need a GG.

  2. The GG is a figure mostly absent in the daily lives of canadians but at the same time also represents a very important part of what Canada is today. Michaelle Jean has not been able to differentiate her role as GG from her former role as a journalist. Her repeated emotional outbursts(regardless of how close the matter is to her personal life) is very welcomed by the media as it makes news, but it is completely useless to the causes that she supports like the reconstruction of Haiti or the development of education in Nunavut. Her weeping transmits insecurity and hopelesness. Imagine the kind of world in which we live today if Winston Churchill started crying weverytime Britain was bombed during WW2.

  3. I beleive that Governor General Jean's intentions were sincere , but fall short of representing Canada so much as being a personal visit to Haiti at taxpayers expense. It is very sad that here in Canada to be politically correct chose a G.G., born in a different country, furthermore having duel citizenship as well. It is common sense that their priorities will focus on their homeland like G.G. Jean.____Art. Edmonton

  4. It's sad how she returned and the place was devastated by earthquake.

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