Gov’t must force HD Mining to turn over documents involving Chinese temporary workers, says judge


VANCOUVER – A Federal Court judge isn’t letting Ottawa off the hook when it comes to producing documents in the case involving the use of Chinese miners in a proposed British Columbia coal mine.

Two unions are challenging the government’s decision to allow HD Mining to bring about 200 Chinese miners to work in northern B.C., rather than hire Canadian miners.

A judge ordered Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to turn over documents from HD Mining related to temporary foreign worker applications, but the government has said the company is refusing to provide the documents.

Federal government lawyers argued there was nothing they could do and asked the court to change the order to reflect that.

But Judge Michael Manson says the order stands, and he has ordered Human Resources Minister Diane Finley to reconsider whether she can do anything else to force HD Mining to turn over the documents.

The judgment doesn’t say just what the government needs to do, but it says whatever action it takes must happen by Jan. 21.

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Gov’t must force HD Mining to turn over documents involving Chinese temporary workers, says judge

  1. Right on! You need the documents. I am an apprentice, registered with the apprenticeship board, 2nd year, and have been looking for work for a while now. Give jobs to canadians

  2. WOW! Those Fed lawyers were really advocating on the side of all Canadians, eh?
    Remember just how much the “Harper Government” cares about employing Canadians when the next election rolls around. Finley and her cronies are obviously not working for Canadians or Canada.

  3. Kick them out of the country for christs sakes

    • Who Harper and Finley?

  4. I think it’s criminal. Plain and simple. Finaly should be brought up on charges as well as Harper. There is no room in this country for this sort of flagrant disregard for the welfare of Canadians. The longer this drags out the more Chinese workers arrive on our coast because no one thought to stop them from entering Canada. By the time they work all this out there will be 200 Chinese workers here and no legal way to send them back until the mine shuts down in about 20 years or so.

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