Gov't response to H1N1 was a communications failure: study -

Gov’t response to H1N1 was a communications failure: study

‘The wheels [fell] off the immunization cart’


The latest issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal contains two papers on H1N1, which tell of the mistakes and problems with Canada’s response to the flu pandemic. Among other conclusions, the reports conclude that our health-care system did not fully recognize the risks posed by the H1N1 pandemic on vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and aboriginal people. “However reasonable the initial precautionary decision to order 60 million doses of adjuvant vaccine was, subsequent decisions and problems resulted in the wheels falling off the immunization cart,” wrote Dr. Don Low of the microbiology department at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and Dr. Allison McGeer, also of Mount Sinai and the University of Toronto. “The vaccine could not be made quickly enough to protect Canadians from the second wave, the complexity of delivering vaccine was badly underestimated and attempts to deliver rapid public education about vaccination with an adjuvant vaccine failed.” While the death rate was lower than initially projected, the years of life lost and hospitalizations were notable because the 2009 pandemic skewed toward younger populations compared to the deaths from the seasonal flu. Certain groups, such as indigenous populations of North America, had rates of severe infection with swine flu increased by a factor of five to seven. A second paper in the CMAJ concludes that a third wave of H1N1 probably won’t occur in 2010.

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Gov’t response to H1N1 was a communications failure: study

  1. Whatever. I'm pretty sure only like 100 people got the flu. It was like regular flu season with a different name.

  2. The biggest problem was misinformation from the WHO, Health Canada and local health authorities that was fed to Canadians by the mainstream media. Every day we were bombarded with conflicting information about who was prioritized for immunization and when clinics had vaccine available. Heaven help us if something serious like smallpox were to reappear. Here is more information on the bungled effort:

  3. Didn't get it last year.

    Not getting it this year.

  4. As anyone can see by the numbers where is more information, access to real news/truth/intelligentsia/open minded/ and so on there is less vaccinations. Like here in BC metropolis. I guess even the WHO is receiving some $upport from the big vaccines manufacturers cause allopathic doctors are long gone sold out. My cousin psychiatric always told me about the symposiums and seminars promoted by big pharma where they receive "incentives" to flow out their "medicines", anyone who knows closely a doc can tell. When I hear: "The ministry of health" advises … blablabla, I know I have to filter the particular message, especially when involves mass panic and fear. I never had a flu shot in my almost fifty years of existence and my mom early on in my life give me only 2 vaccines (cause was a area cases concern with those particular ones). I am very healthy and I had only 3 flus in my entire life. The secret: healthy natural food and a balanced diet. Everybody believes in what they want, some swallow lies without even asking why others like to know what's behind the facts. Believe in "them" and have a "healthy" life with their profitable chemicals.

  5. The WHO would be wise to go back and read Aesop's fable of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf'"

    • Message to The WHO.

      "We won't be fooled again."

  6. Big money for the vaccine makers and yet they still make a lot of noise for wanting more. People has to take responsiblity of their own health by eating healthy, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and watch out for better hygeininc practices.