Grapes flips his lid -

Grapes flips his lid

Don Cherry responds to criticism from a neurologist with a profanity-laced tirade


Don Cherry doesn’t take kindly to criticism his boosterism of tough hockey stands in the way of reducing head injuries in the game. “I don’t give a [expletive] about him,” Cherry told Colin D’Mello of 680 News, who stopped the hockey commentator outside radio studios in Toronto to request a comment on neurologist Charles Tator’s claims. Cherry then declined to grant D’Mello a formal interview and mocked the reporter for asking for one. “Why the [expletive] would I do it on [your radio station]? Now I’m telling you to [expletive] off. How’s that? Can I tell it any more quicker than that?” Cherry’s tirade didn’t make it into a story posted on the 680 News website, but it briefly made its way around the Internet via Twitter and YouTube before it was removed.

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Grapes flips his lid

  1. Don has every right to be mad. This doctor is just simply way off base. He has obviously never actually watched an episode of Coach's Corner.

    Cherry likes hockey to be played hard, like it's meant to be. But he's always been against cheap shots. He has spoken out for a long time against the causes of current hockey violence; the instigator rule, and elbow and shoulder pads with hard plastic covers.

    There is a lack of respect in the game now because the instigator rule has eliminated the role of "policeman". Players used to have a way of dealing with cheap shots, but now they don't.

    • People who use Cherry as an example of someone who advocates violence are quite often non-hockey fans, and as you said, not watchers of Coach's Corner.

      • i don't watch hockey but i love Don Cherry because he tells it like it is …somewhat like a witty over the top real canadian redneck for hockey, if you play a game that has some limited violence in it some people will surely be damaaged by it's a risk they take voluntarily's certainly safer than boxing, mixed martial arts or race car driving

  2. Cherry is a moron . Cherry said on Coach's Corner: "Most of the guys that wear them are Europeans and French guys" to illustrate his claim that visor users have less respect for player safety. This statement triggered an investigation by the federal Official Languages Commissioner, and protests by French-Canadians. CBC consequently imposed a seven-second delay on Hockey Night in Canada. Later on a study was published that showed visor users in the NHL commit fewer sticking infractions.
    The NHL could adopt a no-fighting rule, similar to what the colleges use. But the NHL knows a good thing when it sees it. The owners and the money makers know Jo six pack loves to watch fights and is not particularly interested in the skill of the game. Its has become a gladiator sport and that's the way Cherry likes it.