Great Canadian Faceoff 2012

If you think this contest looks familiar, you’re right. We’re doing a double take.


If you think this contest looks familiar, you’re right.

Maclean’s is pleased to announce our second annual Great Canadian Faceoff.

Our celebrity look-alike contest was a hugs success last year. So we’re once again looking for everyday Canadians who happen to look like well-known politicians, celebrities, or entertainers.

Last year’s champion was Halifax RCMP officer Cathy Mansley, who’s often mistaken for beloved Canadian songbird ShaniaTwain.

Will you be this year’s winner? Send your photo submissions to greatcanadianfaceoff@gmail.com and check macleans.ca/facebook regularly for updates.

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Great Canadian Faceoff 2012

  1. Would be nice to actually see the faces in the Great CanadianLook Alike contest. And try a little bit of editing once in awhile. Really. The contest was a ” hugs” success last year, was it? You are a national magazine. Treat it that way. Going nowhere links, mistypes, wow. Very disappointing.

  2. I have to agree with the person who wrote below. I have pointed out the spelling error of “hugs” directly to Maclean’s (to no reaction or correction), and have also reported the broken link. To think it has not been addressed yet, is a sad comment on the editorial management of the news magazine.

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