Great Moments in Ambush Marketing -

Great Moments in Ambush Marketing

There is no such thing as a free hot chocolate


For spectators, the best (and pretty much only) way to get to speed skating at the Richmond Oval, is via Vancouver’s spiffy new Canada Line train.

But the nearest station is about 1.5 km away from the venue, necessitating a 15-20 minute walk. It’s a pretty stroll—along the banks of the Fraser River with views of the Coast Range in the distance—but it can be a chilly one, especially when the wind in blowing.

Thankfully, just outside the station today, there was a crew of young people handing out free hot chocolate from a catering truck.

An example of Vancouver’s Olympic spirit? Not exactly.

Visa is a world-wide Olympic sponsor, and its corporate logo is everywhere at the Games.

This hot chocolate came in styrofoam cups emblazoned with the logo of a rival credit card company.


Great Moments in Ambush Marketing

  1. Styrofoam?! Spill it: what company so hates our planet? Master Card? American Express? Those bastards at Diner's Club?

  2. It just means an event that takes place at the same time as another major even, but does not provide corporate sponsorship for the even. Instead, it uses tactical advantages and placement to 'steal' some of the steam from the larger, sponsored event.

  3. Flop Idea! it never works the real marketing is real

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