Greek officials hunt for Canadian flotilla boat’s captain -

Greek officials hunt for Canadian flotilla boat’s captain

Ship impounded during voyage to Gaza


Greek authorities have been met with mostly closed lips as people on the Canadian vessel Tahrir, intercepted during its journey to Gaza, have refused to reveal who the captain is. Everyone aboard has agreed not to produce more than names, citizenships and addresses during an investigation to reveal who was in control of the vessel when it departed Monday without authorization. Two Canadians who used kayaks to block a boat that later impounded the Tahrir have already been charged with obstructing a coast guard vehicle, and remained in custody on Tuesday. Twenty-two of the boat’s 38 delegates are from Canada, in addition to nine journalists from six countries who have also faced questioning from Greek officials. The Tahrir was supposed to be part of a flotilla headed for Gaza, though there has been little success in launching any of the vessels.

The Toronto Star

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Greek officials hunt for Canadian flotilla boat’s captain

  1. What a bunch of trouble makers! I’m ashamed of the Canadians involved in this fiasco. Do something productive like volunteering in Third World countries that are plagued with wars, famine and genocide. There’s plenty to choose from. Why are you obsessed with Israel, it’s pretty suspicious.

    • Because there’s a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

      • A self induced humanitarian crisis. Self restraint is important, we should let them deal with their problems on their own instead of meddling and creating even more problems.

        • No, they are under siege, and the protesters are drawing attention to it.

  2. originalEmily1 There is a sea of terrorism to float their “humanitarian” effort in. Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen to name just a few. Israel is the only democracy surrounded by despotic regimes e.g. Iran, Saudi Arabia ect. The Palestinians elected Hamas a terrorist organization to govern them, along with Hezbollah another terrororist group have vowed to exterminate Israel and the Jews. Sound familiar?
    If these people want to see a humanitarian tragedy and another holocaust beyond the scope of the first keep undermining Israel’s existence. They are surrounded by enemies and until these enemies truly desire peace and renounce violence and also renounce vowing Israel’s extinction, Israel has every right to defend itself. Unfortunately there are peace loving Palestinians who just want to live their lives and are willing to share and they have to suffer because of evil men. p.s. if you believe all the activists are humanitarians I have a bridge to sell you.

    • Do stop listening to crap….there is no ‘sea of terrorism’

      Palestine should be a separate country….a viable one

      Israel is not a democracy….it’s a militant theocracy

      There was a holocaust…half a century ago…in Germany.  That doesn’t mean Israel should be allowed to do anything it wants in the ME.

      • Once again Emily you fail to provide a logical argument. If you don’t classify having rockets fired on homes and school buses on a daily basis as terrorism, then you have a warped sense of morality. 

        • You’d be firing rockets too if someone had taken your land.

          Open a history book

          • Emily, The Jews have been a presence in Israel for thousands of years. Their second Temple lies underneath the Dome of the Rock. The wailing wall is a remnant of it. In 70 a.d. they were consquered (again) and dispersed called the Diaspora. The arch of Titus in Rome attests to this fact. The Roman soldiers are shown carrying back items from their temple back to Rome. History has proved they are not safe anywhere, now not even in their own country. When they returned in 1948 the Palestinians were offered a share in the land, they rejected it, hence the standoff ever since. Of course it’s terrible for the peace loving Palestinians, but Hamas and Hezbolla amoung others prevent this. Israel is a country for 60 years and is not going anywhere. After the Holocaust the Israelis motto became “never again”  It doesn’t make sense for the activist to keep harping on Isralies when the whole Middle East is a powder keg. Despots are killing their own people all over. The Jewish people did not just drop into Israel in 1948, they’ve been a presence in Israel for thousands of years. Read you history books

          • The Palestinians were there long before the Jews showed up.

            Don’t skip the bits you don’t like.

            The UN screwed up badly on this, and it’s caused half a century of trouble.  It’s time for a two-state solution…maybe past time considering the demographics.

          • 1. It is one thing to target the military and something completely different to target regular citizens, including children. I state again, if you don’t see anything wrong with this, you are then inhumane.

            2. “The Palestinians were there long before the Jews showed up”!?! What? I think you are the one who is skipping the bits you don’t like. The fact that there is a Jewish temple UNDER the Dome of the Rock, should tell you which came first. There is nothing to “skip” over. It is a fact!

          • Your history doesn’t go back very far, nor is it complete

            Palestine was originally the land of Canaan…and God supposedly told Abraham to conquer it.

            Canaan was in existence in the Bronze Age

            And if the UN suddenly plonked a nation of Chinese in Canada, on the grounds that China is overfull while Canada is 90% empty…’d be tossing rockets anywhere you could.

          • Well Emily, if you go back far enough the whole world was empty. There comes a point where you have to draw the line.

            As for you China comment, if and I really do mean if, your scenario did happen, I still would not be targeting innocent people or schools with rockets. That’s just evil.

  3. Israel is not a theocracy, it is a secular state. An example of a theorcracy is Iran which is run by the clerics and is one of the countries that denies the holocaust and call for the destruction of Israel. At least get the facts straight. No terrorism in and from the Middle East???? Some people are in an alternate universe. Until the violence is renounced and the Palestinian people throw Hamas out there will be no further peace. The U.N. has labeled Hamas a terrorist organization. Face the facts because it denotes extreme ingnorance to call reality crap.