Green shift? Sorry, doesn't ring a bell -

Green shift? Sorry, doesn’t ring a bell

Senior Liberal admits party “got badly off track” under Dion


The dubious legacy of the accidental era of Stephane Dion is rapidly spiraling down the Liberal Party memory hole, according to the Toronto Star. From the infamous exercise in electorate misreading that was the Green Shift to the ill-fated coalition gambit that ultimately resulted in the installation of Michael Ignatieff, the purge of Dion-era policy initiatives is likened to “the housecleaning that follows a divorce.” There are “blunt” admissions: “I think the party did get badly off track,” says executive director Steve McKinnon, now co-chair of the party’s renewal committee. But there is also a cautious sense of optimism, or at least a growing belief that the worst is behind them, and blue skies – and a return to power – lie ahead.

The Toronto Star

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Green shift? Sorry, doesn’t ring a bell

  1. Yeah, very badly off-track… Ignatieff would never do that – I mean its not like he proposed a carbon tax in his leadership run.

  2. One thing that Iggie, or for that matter any leader that wants to get elected is never going to forget, is how Canadians totally rejected Dion and Lizzie May’s goofy “green shift tax the hell out of everything plans”. The inconvenient truth that the media skips over is that Canadians are all for a clean environment(who the hell isn’t), but are not remotely willing to commit economic suicide to get there. I for one am so tired of the media lapping up anything the eco-lunes say, including the biggest lie of all, being that Canadians are willing to give up their cars, jobs, roof over their heads and overall standard of living to placate fanatics. You can be sure that Obama, being no fool, is not going to demand Canada shut down Alberta and close down all the coal fired generating plants in his own country as we enter a depression. He’s all about “opening a new dialogue”, “exploring new technologies”.. Sounds like he took a page out of Cretian’s play book. Say anything, do nothing.

  3. Understatement of the year : “I think the party did get badly off track,” Well I should say so. Let me see the worst election loss in the party’s history resulting in the party throwing the leader under the bus and anointing a new leader (who If I am not mistaken was for the Green Shaft a few years ago wasn’t he?) ROFL. only in Canada EH!