Greeners on the Hill -

Greeners on the Hill


Green activists brought bikes on Parliament Hill to protest and demand more action on the environment.



Liberal MP Larry Bagnell.


NDP MP Linda Duncan.



Greeners on the Hill

  1. I wonder where the Tshirts were made with out using any energy (were they made in Canda), the signs were made without using any energy, the bycycles were made without any mining, the pamphlets were produced from with out cutting down any trees, the plastic signs without using any oil….the list is endless here folks.

    • Yeah, because obviously wanting to responsibly use our energy resources means not using any at all.

      Go find another red herring, this one stinks.

  2. Sooooooo…the alternative is NOT having one's perspective heard? I think most people would accept the use of energy for the eventual greater good.

    • Never said that. I just happen to think that the irony is quite thick, that's all.

    • To further your last sentence, would the greater good not be an advancement of society, i.e. jobs, food production, raising the standard of living? All of this requires energy, and at this point in time, oil and various types of resource extraction. I believe that we need to cut down on what goes into the air and water: the nox and sox as it were. I wonder if the folks protesting would be doing this in any of the prairie Provinces in the middle of winter. Context is so important.

  3. I imagine the "bycycles" (as opposed to generalcycles?) were made with less mining than, let's say, cars.

    • sorry, bicycles. the material still had to be mined. different volume of material, without a doubt, but the same machinery was used in either case. I think what I am trying to get at, is where or how far back do we have to go? And I ask this in all seriousness. The fact that we are using computers which were manufactured using all sorts of components also falls into this irony somewhat.

  4. My pooter is made out of hemp.

  5. gerbil powered?

    • Buff hamsters, actually.

  6. Bagnell looks eager to jump on one of those bikes.

    • it really is a nice area to ride around. great way to spend an afternoon.

  7. As a CO2-producing organism, demands for "climate justice" make me nervous.

  8. Also thank you Mitchell for again zeroing in on the sweet boys.

  9. Maybe change their shirts from Kyoto-Plus to Kyoto-Lite (Now with 25% less demands!)