Greenpeace detainees, including Canadians, moved to new Russian jail -

Greenpeace detainees, including Canadians, moved to new Russian jail


The Greenpeace activists being held in a Russian jail — including two Canadian men — are being transferred to a different facility.

The environmental organization says it has learned from diplomatic sources that the so-called Artctic 30 are slated to be moved to a St. Petersburg prison from the current jail in Murmansk, a port city near Norway and Finland.

Montrealer Alexandre Paul and Paul Ruzycki, of Port Colborne, Ont., were among those arrested on the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise on Sept. 18.

In a recent letter, Paul said the Murmansk prison was cold and that the activists had been separated from each other.

But Greenpeace says it doesn’t mean the conditions at the new facility will be any better.

Russia seized the Arctic Sunrise after a Sept. 18 protest at a Gazprom oil-drilling platform in the Arctic circle. The group on the ship included 28 Greenpeace activists, a Russian photographer and a British videographer.

The organization says the 30 have not had the piracy charges against them dropped, as they’d expected.

Greenpeace says that instead of dropping the piracy charge, which carries a maximum 15-year sentence, a charge of hooliganism has simply been added for some of the accused. The hooliganism charge carries a maximum seven years in jail.

Greenpeace has denied any wrongdoing and describes the charges as absurd.

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Greenpeace detainees, including Canadians, moved to new Russian jail

  1. “… said the Murmansk prison was cold…”

    Well, duuuh… It’s in the Russian Arctic after all.

    Did they expect to be imprisoned in some sort of tropical paradise like Guantanamo Bay?

    • It’s indoors Glynn….and Russia has cities in the Arctic. It’s not northern Canada after all.

      • Another of your non sequituri.

        They’re complaining of the cold.

        In the Russian Arctic.

        In a prison where the heating system is apparently inadequate, or they would not be cold.

        So being indoors has not helped, and whether they’re in a city or not would have no bearing.

        And actually, they are about to be moved to a city from their “remote” location:

        In contrast, were they imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, they would not be suffering from the cold. Plus they’d probably be better fed, and more secure from the predation of other inmates.

        • Yes, they are in a prison, and it has inadequate heating. The prison is the problem, not it’s location.

          Yes, they are being moved.

          Yes Russia has cities in the north, unlike Canada

          Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba. People there have been tortured and starved by the US govt. It’s a gulag. If they had housed the prisioners on US soil, however…. they’d have had to use due process.

          After the prision is shut down the US should leave Cuba permanently. Shouldn’t be there in the first place.

          And I shouldn’t have to connect all the dots for you.

          • That Russia has cities is irrelevant.

            The prison does not have a problem, only the complaining prisoners do.

            Guantanamo Bay has no heating issues, being in a tropical paradise. They’d not have to complain about the cold there.

            They should perhaps ask (or even demand) to be transferred there if they don’t like the cold.

            Or better yet not mess with the Russians in the first place, if they don’t like the cold.

          • You made the comment about Russia being cold. I compared the Russian Arctic to ours.

            The US has no business being in Cuba much less having a gulag there.

            Once again I have to lead you through it, step by step

            Perhaps you’ve never heard of Greenpeace.

          • No, Emily, it was the criminals complaining of being cold.

            And your opinions about whether the US should cancel its lease agreement with Cuba are a side issue. Not even the Cuban government wants to cancel the lease, since it is one of the few sources of foreign currency the communist regime has.

            The prisoners would be warmer were they in that tropical paradise, which Guantanamo is by comparison with their Russian prison. If you think Gitmo is such a terrible place, consider that the Russian prisons are worse. That’s the point of the comparison, which you seem to have missed.

            Even St Petersburg is not a very warm place as winter descends.

          • Again, you are confused.

            Cuba has constantly complained about the US presence in Cuba, and asked for it to be removed.


            You have old ideas about Russia, Cuba and some kind of odd worship of Americans.

            Which I’m not interested in.

          • There you go wandering off on side tracks again.

            Worshiping Americans???

            Another non sequitur.

            BTW, the complaining about the lease is for public consumption. In reality the regime is quite happy to keep it there.

          • Those photos were not taken in winter, and they’re not going to keep those fools warm in their new prison either.

            The beauty of the old capital city is another side issue, irrelevant to anything in the discussion.

          • LOL look why don’t you just say you hate Greenpeace and be done with it?

            It would save you a lot of runs around the mulberry bush.

          • You like running around the topic with various odd side tracks.

            My opinion on GP does not enter into the question of the sagacity of the victims of the movement in putting themselves into a prison situation.

            At least they didn’t go up against the IDF, who might have just shot them if they did not submit.

          • Well so far then, you haven’t commented on anything according to you.

            Maybe you just like the idea of people being shot.