Greenpeace storms Alberta oil facility -

Greenpeace storms Alberta oil facility

A dozen activists occupy three smokestacks and a crane at an oil upgrader outside Edmonton


More than a dozen Greenpeace activists are occupying three smokestacks and a crane at an an oil upgrader that’s still under construction near Edmonton on Saturday. A Greenpeace activist outside the Scotford upgrader, which transforms heavy oil into a synthetic that can later be refined into gasoline, said the group stormed the facility to unfurl banners reading “Climate SOS.” “It’s dirty, dirty oil,” said Melina Laboucan-Massimo . “It’s the bottom of the barrel that we are dealing with here.” Three people were arrested in the incident that involved about 20 Greenpeace supporters from Canada, France, Brazil and Australia.

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Greenpeace storms Alberta oil facility

  1. Maybe if Greenpeace could come up with realistic alternatives, we wouldn't be so hard up for the Tar Sands dirty oil. Really, what do these people do besides say that the rest of us are doing it wrong.? Do they have any real solutions besides stop this and stop that?

    • That would require work and ambition instead of moral superiority, a fun outing, and lots of pot.

    • And "stop that" isn't a valid solution because??

      • It's lazy armchair quarterbacking. Maybe they would be further ahead on saving some these recycling programs from disorganization/waste or theirs a an article in Maclean's discussing volunteering to weed organic farms that would help them. No one ever gets as much credit for doing the small effective things; but they aren't just in it for publicity right?

  2. Greenpeace has come up with an alternative, it is called the Energy Revolution and you can read the reports on the GPI website. FYI – they used the IEA data for all baseline calculations and assumptions. It long and detailed so I suggest you get a pull up a fresh coffee.
    There is also a global overview, and regional reports for other parts of the world, that you will find on the Greenpeace International website.

  3. I say we let them hang from the cranes, and just ban any media from coming anywhere close. Oh and it is good that they travel from all over the world, it uses fuel produced from the oil sands. Thanks for the support.

  4. Some of them flew in on commercial airliners from other countries to stage this protest? Does that not require the burning of fossil fuels? Hypocrites! As Rick said ban the media and let the bastards freeze.

  5. Not only that but Greenpeace Canada is non tax exempt. in other words if you donate to Greenpeace Canada you do not get a tax receipt..

    • IF you donate to Greenpeace, you at very least should qualify for some sort of mental health disability tax credit.

  6. Its funny how people have negatory feelings towards a NGO that actually tries to do some good in the world… An NGO that does not ask government for donations… An NGO that actually cares about the earths future, and isnt just taking away money from tax payers for the sake of it… have some sense people… without the sense of what is going on globally, your just as nieve as the next guy…