Grocery shopping with New York Times food writer Mark Bittman -

Grocery shopping with New York Times food writer Mark Bittman

“Don’t buy anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize”


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Grocery shopping with New York Times food writer Mark Bittman

  1. I loved his consternation at seeing milk in a bag.

    • A) If milk in bags is our worst problem, we're doing alright.
      B) I buy Harmony Organic Milk in bags at Fiesta.

      • I buy Harmony Organic 1% in a returnable bottle. That must drive Andrew Potter crazy.

  2. Silliest food advice I've ever heard. Who is this lunatic?

  3. the man has good advice, his first two rules are a little …. well I won't follow them, but his third rule touches on rules of advertising, and the rest of the advice is pretty good, milk in bags isn't his biggest contention, it's just something new and interesting to him :P

    naw, despite the first two rules, and saying it's "inhuman" :P, he's completely right

  4. Good advice, I believe. Jane

  5. If in 50 years the whole world is eating organic food, then in 50 years our world could be starving to death. Given today's biotechnology, if every farmer switched to their operation to organic production there would not be enough food to feed our world. Add that to the problems of urban sprawl and an expected population of 9.4 billion people, there won't be enough food to go around.

    • Exactly. And nobody wants to go back to eating like granny did.

      • Disagree, don't know about your Granny, but my Granparents on both sides ate well, raised a whole herd of kids and all of them passed on when they where in there 90's.. My family still uses a lot of the recipes that Granny used to use… and I ''still'' use a family ''recipe'' that was my Great Grampa's…..

      • if people ate food not laced with dyes, artificial flavours, artificial fragrances, chemicals, corn sugar ..and steeped in sugar, fat or salt they would probably be better off … modern mass food is pretty nasty stuff …this dude has pretty good advice consistent with what others are saying …very similar to dr. oz ..check out the movie food incorporated

        • Agree, fuddle duddle.. Anybody that buys groceries should see the movie, it just might make people make smart choices about how they eat.

  6. Everything points to the clear fact that our planet is totally over-populated anyway. What would we prefer? The death of millions or Billions or the destruction of the entire human race??

    • Our planet is overpopulated?? Do the math. Take 6 billion for the people, multiply by 4 square feet for each person on earth to stand on, and convert that figure to square miles. You see that EVERY person on earth will comfortably fit into less than 30 square miles. Clearly a small spot on the globe, overcrowded, no sign of it.

      • that is 6 000 000 000 people and supposedly going up to 9 billion may not seem overcrowded but there are more people alive on the earth today then have ever died in the history of humanity is kind of what they call exponential growth ..the way to stop it is to turn people into western consumers and tax them to death and then they won't have so many children haha

  7. Mark Bittman also has a great series of recipe video blogs he posts through the NY TIMES. He posts a new recipe every week. I actually subscribe to his video blog through itunes (it's free). I have to say I have never been disappointed. His Pad Thai recipe has won me much acclaim with the family.

  8. He's sounding (and looking) more like Michael Pollan all the time.

  9. Eat more Korean and you'll definitely shed some pounds. More soups and stews, fewer cheeses and breads.