Grounded: Ministers forced into steerage class

Cabinet ministers will no longer be allowed to rack up air miles in business class


In this time of global economic instability, there will be no more $3,383 jaunts to New York City—not for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, or any other minister for the foreseeable future. Under the strict new guidelines for government-funded travel that came out as part of this week’s budget. Cabinet ministers and senior civil servants will no longer be allowed to rack up air miles in business class—at least, not on flights of less than two hours. Instead, they’ll be required to fly economy. The enforced parsimony will also continue once they’ve hit solid ground: the meal expense allowance will be frozen at 2008 levels. That’s still not enough for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, however, which dismisses the attempt at belt-tightening as “ironic, given how much they’re about to add to the debt.”

The Toronto Star

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Grounded: Ministers forced into steerage class

  1. This won’t affect as many MP’s and swivil servants as it sounds if flights over two hours can be business class. It’s Canada; with airline policy to slow flights(thus lasting longer) and geographic distances. No mention of reduction on rental vehicles .

  2. One of the standard justifications of flying business class is that it gives the passenger a few hours of uninterrupted work time. Generally this is something cabinet ministers don’t get in their office.

    Then again, if most ministers are window dressing, this makes sense.