Group led by John Baird’s ‘dear friend’ gets $1 million grant despite sub-par bid


Human Resources Minister Diane Finley overrode the recommendations of her own department to approve a $1 million grant for an organization led by a close ally of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. What’s more, Baird personally spoke to Finley about the project, which was twice deemed sub-par by bureaucrats, according to the Globe and Mail.

From the Globe:

The funding request for the expansion of a Jewish community centre known as a Chabad was submitted by Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn of the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch, who serves as the Canadian face of the international Hasidic outreach movement.

The Ottawa-based rabbi recently joined Mr. Baird on a tour of Israel. During that January visit, Mr. Baird repeatedly joked in his speeches that while he was not Jewish, he did have a rabbi.

More than 300 organizations applied for the grants, which were earmarked for improving accessibility. Bureaucrats then ranked the applications and submitted the top 25 to the minister for approval. Only those that scored 82/100 or better by the staffers made the initial cut. The Chabad bid, however, scored only 53/100. Nonetheless, the organization was still given $1 million of public money to spruce up its Markham headquarters.

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Group led by John Baird’s ‘dear friend’ gets $1 million grant despite sub-par bid

  1. I almost hesitate to bring this up, but as Mr. Baird has long been rumoured to be gay and may even be “sort of half out just not in the large press”, the headline makes it sound like an euphemism for a homosexual lover. Unless that is what is mean, perhaps terminology like “close friend” or “linked to cabinet member”, without quotations, might be more appropriate.

    • Baird has been outted twice in fact, and so has Jason Kenney.

      • And Harper was outed as well don’t forget:

        Ray Novak: Steve
        Harper’s Closet Confidant

        He used to live above Steve Harper’s garage. Now he may be the second most powerful man in

        “Ray is effectively the Prime Minister’s closest confidant,”
        enthuses one government official. “Not only as a member of his staff, but as a
        personal and intimate member of the Prime Minister’s life.”


        For nearly four years while Harper was opposition leader,
        Novak, then with the title of executive assistant, lived in a small loft above
        the detached garage at Stornoway—the opposition leader’s official
        residence—eating meals with the family and growing close to Harper’s two young

        This is the detail that has come to define an aide who, by
        some tellings, knows Harper better than all but the Prime Minister’s wife and
        mother. “Ray was with him more than anybody else for years and years and
        years,” says Brodie, who served as Harper’s chief of staff for three years.
        “They were literally hardly ever apart.”

        In addition to living with the Harper family at Stornoway,
        he oversaw Harper’s tour operations, coordinated with his security detail and
        served as the Prime Minister’s envoy to the families of the Air India bombing. “Ray will get it done,” says a former member
        of the PMO. “And he will do so with
        total discretion.”

        When Harper returned to federal politics in 2001 to pursue
        the Alliance leadership, he tabbed Novak as his assistant.

        As principal secretary, Novak travels with the Prime
        Minister abroad…

        • I’d forgotten about him, but had heard years ago that Harp was bi.

    • I think you’re overreaching a bit there, honestly.

  2. Would it be trite to point out that this kind of pork barrel politics isn’t kosher?

  3. Was a gazebo included in the proposal?

    • Yes. Plus some fancy new brick outhouses for the Conservatives favorite ridings. . Because,of course, you just can’t ever have enough of those these days.

  4. Regardless of whether Mr Baird has a rabbi, a rabbi certainly seems to have Mr Baird.

  5. Reading the Chretein autobiography, you guys have always been mean to Liberals even in 1980 21/25 newspapers went PC, and I might get my MSM paycheck yet…
    I’m a big fan of the spreadsheet scorecards. NASA had 16 Enceladus Mission proposals ranked. Where it was tricky was sample return. Costs $250M to build a biosecure facility but if the probe fails on re-entry it could cause an Adromeda strain. So they undervalued the science value of the sample return mission (should’ve been 15/10 compared to non-Earth-return) instead of assigning a severe negative % value….the weighting can be an issue but I don’t see that objection here. You could only fund a certain %, say 53%, and have fundraisers do the rest. This is prolly $250k wasted, 8% of what was blown in the RCMP boot of P.Martin.
    Disagree with Jean about power being the political motivation for politicians. It should be to prevent human extinction threats. The economy is quality-of-life (for morale) and generating technologies/systems to make it past the future. I wish we increased R+D before cutting taxes.

    • Whether I get my $150 paycheck back or not I’m getting at least a pro response from MSM. And with Libs winning majorities even without MSM help historically, are in my good books again. I would sometimes sub to Hill Times but I doubt they have a bank account pay feature. When Via did this, the country became my oyster to work in. I’m saying feds should subsidize paying people to relocate for work if can find some housing. Cgy obviously with politicians like crazy Klein won’t build affordable housing and hike taxes. A shelter employed resident couldn’t even communicate with the drunk. At greyhound’s old prices (and low oil air) I moved for work. My own city won’t employ me, oddly. After going to a temp agency in Wpg and being told the temp agency CV I had looked bad….is why Bombers never win the Cup.
      Halifax doesn’t have a day labourer. A bus to Dartmouth to the only one still a km away gets you there around 6:50am; over 1/2 jobs are gone for day by then. That $1M could’ve built one. With their welfare perverts (a national security risk comrade) getting the ship contract, there will be work. Why feds fund EI and welfare transfers before work (god I’d’ve loved a public golf course there, even a pitch and putt)…Jews have a good R+D behaviour but not in the finance and oily country.
      I’m not sticking around for the yoyo of left always cleaning up the Right’s deficits. I like our peat moss and hockey, but is a globalized workforce and idea market. If Canada wants to be a bunch rich people in suburbs going to their own community centres, bye-bye. I met a beautiful girl named Taylor; P.Martin would’ve been okay with clumsy shy me dating. Those at risk kids had nothing to do in Hfx. They were playing hide and seek near the beautiful ocean. Those kids needed an late hrs community centre. They need Africa/Asia to have solar panels Israel builds.

      • …and banks violate my Charter Rights by demanding that I live in one place for 6 months before getting a c/c. As long as I inform them of my moves it is none of their business. I can’t get a hotel room to get laid or take a plane ticket to get laid, because of this. I have a personal appeal to J.Baird to subsidize Lundin’s massive but expensive to develop copper deposit, and transport and hydro infrastructure around the Hudson’s Bay lowlands. MB Hydro would build a line to SK for sure if it wasn’t for tarry CPC.
        Copper helps wind turbine makers, electricity companies, solar panels and water pipes. Peat moss can sequester more carbon. Undoing the CPC/AB/SK 2050+ anarchy. Since when is a world at resource wars a national priority? I’ve lived in Edm and Cgy, worked as a contractor seeing the nice homes. They’ll be okay without tar if they can figure out how to invest the buyout cash. I’m told we have good banks and investors and CWB seems fine as a Trust Fund advisor for tar buyout cash.

        • Lundin, MB Hydro, and Lowlands are majority Cdn owned, unlike tar, BTW. I ate sugar and raw oatmeal and shit on a pile of @#$ and drank debris filled water last week because of crappy Edm housing, landlords, and transit. No day-pay labourers either; I’d be in the city next week if I didn’t have to wait two weeks for paycheck.

          • What do the corporate tax cuts buy anyway? Why don’t employers pay interest on delayed pay? Why do women want equal pay if they raise kids (unskilled labour) and expect men to bear the financial burden of courting and being the man of the relationship?

          • S.Harper missed his chance to make world peace like Pearson did. Saudis just announced a massive solar power investment, even bigger than AB could’ve afforded if saved: $100B. It proves the superior religion I think, looking at the CPC/GOP behaviour here. Just two yrs ago the Saudis wanted to be paid for cut oil exports if customers went green. Could’ve got the disabled Jewish community in Markham some sunshine too. You know the Science centre in Wpg has gone downhill since my day. The same wicked prism laser video game from late 1980s. But the full body shadow machine didn’t work. The machine that said the swears you typed didn’t work. The Crown jewel mirror room to infinity had the same futuristic tape playing but way missing some neon lights and a corner not even lit at all. Should have holograms and OLEDs soon but won’t. Just like the Human Rights Museum should’ve been think tanks or at least specify a minimal curriculum. Come visit Wpg for the Museum to traumatize your kids, stay for skeeters and violence (local pools often closed).

          • …listen to the Celtic and depressing “Rocket” SP rehersal version. Punkies are a Chicago band. That music got me through my youth when I realized sacrifice was the way to go. I’m supposed to be able to buy weed from 7-11 as an adult to effect this now, perhaps showing some non-scizo health permit 1st. We used to make good alt-rock in Canada. Then Much Music woman boss became pop and adult contemporary and imprisoned USA went hip-hop…these bands can’t afford to stay together. The American Idol of Australia picked Silverchair in 1990s. Never happened anywhere since; I heard the one alt band on one of these shows here two years ago: were good. Why give money to the elderly and rich?

          • I remember of of our greatest Cdns ever, H.Anderson, wouldn’t STFU about American Idol, the competitor genre to their guitar rock station (my Freq 107 went off the air). He is from Cgy and wants a future Holocaust like most of you. Why does CBC music suck so bad? Info is good, talking about teacher quality of life and Epicurus and Renaissance . I missed the making research on volunteer patients easier, argument. Thought CBC was just crappy music before last month. On the private corporate tax cuts recipients Corus station, they were taking a yay or nay listener poll about whether a drug dealer getting his rights violated by an illegal search, should be charged or jailed. It was 15 mins of yeses and nos. Congradulations on corporate tax cuts, CPC.

  6. Contract KickBacks:

    Lessons on How Harper’s Reform
    Party is Run:

    A “Fat Cat Businessman” gains
    the trust of a government official. Soon
    “Fat-Cat Businessman” gives government / politician guy wads of cash in exchange
    for unfettered access to all the good juicy untendered / no-bid contracts.

    If politician man can not find
    willing and corrupt businessman, in a pinch, the politician will use one of his
    family, friends or mistresses to start up a company. Then politician man gives them the contract,
    and then those two start issuing inflated invoices, bam, split the difference,

    Everyone else in society is left
    scratching their heads trying to figure out why politician guy makes such weird
    and crazy policy decisions that make nO SeNsE.


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