Grumblings against Romney's staff -

Grumblings against Romney’s staff

Murdoch and Welch are overlooking one key detail about why the GOP’s team is underperforming


It’s a bit rich for Rupert Murdoch, of News Corp. and Fox News fame, to give advice to Mitt Romney and his staff. After all, Murdoch did not handle his very own public relations hot potato all that well last summer. But when Jack Welch of General Electric fame weighs in, it makes for big headlines and it actually may be indicative of more “beneath the surface” grumbling.

Earlier this week, a Romney political aide commented on the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. He disputed Chief Justice John Roberts’ rationale that the individual mandate was constitutional because it was within the power of Congress to tax. The aide makes the point that Romney in his Massachusetts health care law never saw the mandate as a tax, and those who failed to fulfill their obligations under the law suffered a penalty. The remark went against the Republicans post-SCOTUS talking points that the president’s health care reform, albeit constitutional, amounts to a tax. Obama could not be happier.

In unrelated but equally damaging news, this week’s July 4 festivities showed a vacationing Mitt Romney on a luxurious powerboat, reminiscent of John Kerry’s windsurfing off Nantucket in 2004. Meanwhile, Vanity Fair comes out with a devastating story on Romney’s bank accounts in the Cayman’s Islands and beyond. Overall, not a good week for Romney.

Left: Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, with their grandchildren in the bow of their boat, depart from the public docks on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. (Charles Dharapak/AP Photo) Right: Former Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry, windsurfs off the coast of Nantucket, Massachussetts. (Laura Rauch/AP Photo)

When you add it all up, it’s no wonder Welch and the sanctimonious Murdoch are getting a lot of notice.

But, wait a minute. A lot of the problems causing the grumblings are self-inflicted, not staff-inflicted. Who passed Romney care and the individual mandate? Who called non-compliance a penalty, not a tax?  Whose investments are overseas? Which politician raised the stakes after the SCOTUS decision? Who said he would repeal it and replace it, shifting the debate to the “replacement” side of the debate, and pushing the economy aside?  None other than Romney.

I am sympathetic to a staff that has helped bring Romney to where he is. What about the man himself? This is not a candidate who grew in the primary season. He has continually showed to be gaffe prone. He has failed to put forward a compelling narrative about who he is, and what his vision for America really portends to be. Romney runs away from his signature achievement, health care, and touts his success as head of Bain Capital, whose primary business is not creating jobs.

Murdoch and Welch may be right about the top-notch quality of the president’s campaign team. Obama’s people are battle-tested and they are tough. But they also have one key asset that forgives much of the errors any staff can make–it’s the candidate. And here, Romney’s camp is underperforming.

Happy 4th of July.



Grumblings against Romney’s staff

  1. Mitt Romney would be a worse President than Mccain, Palin or W Bush. Wall Street regulations would die under Mitt

  2. In unrelated but equally damaging news, this week’s July 4 festivities showed a vacationing Mitt Romney on a luxurious powerboat


    How many vacations has Obama taken since assuming office? How many rounds of golf?

    • Vacations are normal….Dubya spent months at the ‘ranch’.

      It’s the Romney ‘luxurious powerboat’ that’s the problem.

      • I live in a landlocked State and I see a lot of people with a lot less money than Romney pulling their boats that are far larger and fancier than Romney’s to the puddles that we call lakes. I would have to think that the majority of these people do not have the financial resources of Romney, therefore I would have to think that Romney is fairly restrained and conservative in his displays of wealth.
        Also it would not have taken alot of research to find a stock photo of Kerry’s “luxurious powerboat” just so you would be able to compare apples to apples.
        Come on, Parisella, at least pretend to be somewhat objective.

        • I’m assuming you meant this for Parisella, but it showed up in my inbox

          Found your comment strange though. Parisella has been dragging out the possibility of a Repub win for ages.

          PS Kerry isn’t running so he is irrelevant

        • Oh I think you’re quite aware of the answer to that question.

          I’m not responsible for how Americans see things….but a time of
          economic crisis is not a time for displays of wealth by a candidate
          trying to pretend he
          knows what everyday life is like.

          Romney is currently building a new mansion, and it has an elevator for
          his cars……does this strike you as a bright idea image-wise?

          • but a time of
            economic crisis is not a time for displays of wealth by a candidate
            trying to pretend he
            knows what everyday life is like.


            You were saying?

          • I think you are somewhat confused on the matter of wealth.

            The Obamas are self-made people….they have been poor, and they are now in the WH. This is the American dream.

            Romney was born wealthy….he has no idea what life is like for the middle-class, much less the poor….so he says and does stupid things.

            FDR was wealthy you know….so was JFK, and Americans never resented them for it…..but FDR and JFK didn’t say and do stupid things with wealth….Romney is doing it without even realizing it….and at the worst possible time.

            Romney hasn’t got much going for him in this race….basically he’s white, and that’s about it…..but he’s harming what little chance he has with thoughtless photos like this.

          • Obama was never poor. Ever. Not even remotely. Secondly, every penny Romney owns he earned. You’re nuts.

          • LOL wow, are YOU ever brainwashed!

            That much soap is why brains go down the drain. A common occurence in the tea party.

          • Hey, wait a minute…are you that Emily?

          • Obama was raised primarily by a single-mother who had to rely on help from her parents and food stamps while completing her degree at the U of Hawaii. And his first job as a community organizer paid $20 000. So yes, Obama does know what it’s like to be poor. And the assertion that Romney earned all of his wealth is so ridiculous that I’m not even going to touch it. It’s fine to have a political viewpoint, but don’t try to distort reality to fit it.

            As mentioned above by EmilyOne, Americans have no problem with wealthy leaders. It’s the out-of-touch wealthy who are completely oblivious to the struggles of everyday people who tend to not do so well. And Romney falls very squarely into that category. “Let them eat cake”.

          • Oh, puhleaze. Obama’s mother was so poor she chose to attend university out of state in Seattle. Later this poor woman got her PhD in Hawaii. Obama was in a wall-street job before he chose his “community organizing” halfway across the country. Obama spent his childhood jet-setting between Indonesia and Hawaii, and then attended a prep school with tuition of 25k per year. In high school he had plenty of spare cash to spend on pot along with the rest of his Choom gang. He then went to two of the most expensive and prestigious universities in the world, Harvard and Columbia, two Ivy league schools, despite the fact he admitted his grades were nothing special. And this is supposedly an underprivileged, poor background? What a load of BS you’re peddling. You must be smoking the same stuff he did.

        • What was wrong with Kerry windsurfing? This is just how American politics is played. Everyone likes to think they’re voting for the guy next door who they would enjoy a beer with.

          • Duplicate comment, how do you delete these damn things…

          • Nothing’s wrong with it. Never said there was.

            My point is that Obama has no more claim to the “guy next door that you would enjoy a beer with” title than Romney does. They’re both rich elitists; it’s just a matter of degree. If the media were truly interested in this meme, Obama’s 100+ rounds of golf and 17 vacations and counting (all on the public dime) since taking office would be front and center; but that’s not what’s happening here. This is just more of the media acting as extension of Obama’s campaign team. No surprise to see Parisella joining that crowd.

            But hey, if the real problem is Romney on a boat…why isn’t MSNBC running news stories about or Parisella making any reference to this?

            I guess that boat isn’t swift enough.

      • Hey EO, there’s someone imitating your name. Check Harper’s Drug Strategy.

        • Probably doesn’t know he’ll get banned for that, as soon as they catch up to him. I just put in a complaint.

          Flattering that he wants to be me eh? LOL

    • As opposed to the part-time job Bush did, “delegating” (cough cough) to Cheney the whole time?

  3. Perhaps Parisella can explain what makes that boat “luxurious”. To me it looks like a normal power-boat, one that can fit a lot of kids, but not particularly large and not the slightest bit extravagant.

    • Parisella doesn’t even pretend to be non-partisan any more. He’s simply the Canadian arm of the Obama campaign. The least informative writer at Macleans, for sure. The fact that Obama has been caught re-writing his own biography time and time again is totally unimportant. But the other guy on a boat? Now *thats* newsworthy!

    • Romney already has most upper-middle class white voters in his camp– and the rest of the electorate he has to persuade tend to see boats as a luxury that upper-middle class white folks can afford, but they themselves cannot.

      • Boats are a luxury. OMG. Tell that to the east coast of Canada, all those rich, elitist lobster and cod fishermen with their fancy-shmancy boats.

        • Boats like that are a luxury, even on the East Coast. He’s not on someone’s work/livelihood craft here. Look, I grew up on the Great Lakes and boats like that are in fact a luxury.

  4. I thought the problem with Kerry windsurfing was that he went in one direction and then tacked in another, and it was filmed and used in a commercial that said “look he changes direction!”, not that it made him a wealthy elite.

  5. I was no fan of John Kerry, but I never understood the flack he took over that windsurfing shot; the only thing that comes to my mind when I see that picture is “awesome.” Honestly, he looks like a kick-ass guy having a helluva good time doing something pretty objectively cool. (as opposed to those heavily managed “make me look like and average manly-man” photo shoots that we’re used to seeing embarrass both our leaders and ourselves)