Guergis and Jaffer expecting a baby -

Guergis and Jaffer expecting a baby

Jaffer says wife’s medical appointment was the reason he skipped his parliamentary appearance


Canada’s scandal-plagued couple, Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis, are expecting a baby. Jaffer says he skipped Wednesday’s scheduled appearance before a parliamentary committee to investigate allegations of illegal lobbying because he was accompanying his wife while she was taking medical tests. Jaffer says that Guergis is three months into a “high-risk” pregnancy. MPs from all parties expressed their disappointment that Jaffer was not able to make the meeting, and concurred that Thursday would be his last chance to give a clear testimony. “I know there were other demands on my time this afternoon, but I truly believe that the right place for me was beside my wife, while she was undergoing these tests, and when she received the results,” Jaffer wrote in a statement emailed to media. He is scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. today for another committee meeting.

Toronto Star

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Guergis and Jaffer expecting a baby

  1. What an insane time to be having a child. Father unemployed, mother, soon to be.

  2. Remind me to use that excuse the next time Parliament serves me a summons. Apparently, his sense of entitlement is still intact. I wonder if the timing of the announcement was an effort to gain him some sympathy and camaraderie with his old CPC buddies during his appearance today. It would appear that it didn't work in his favour.

  3. All the best. Now, go home.