Guergis cleared by RCMP: lawyer -

Guergis cleared by RCMP: lawyer

“No further action” to be taken against former minister


A statement released by Helena Guergis’s office says the former Conservative minister has been cleared by the RCMP. “Helena Guergis’ counsel, Howard Rubel confirmed today that the RCMP has concluded its inquiries into Ms. Guergis and that he has been informed that the RCMP will be taking no further action,” the statement reads, adding “the RCMP has concluded that there was no substance to any of the issues forwarded to them by the Prime Minister’s Office.” The former junior minister was turfed from the cabinet and the Conservative caucus last April after the publication of several damaging news stories about her husband Rahim Jaffer’s business dealings.

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Guergis cleared by RCMP: lawyer

  1. Welcome back Helena!


    Is this thing on?


  2. She shall from here on be known as Helena-Sue. Cuz that's her next move.

    • or perhaps Helena long-form Guergis,
      both got the boot for no substantive reason

  3. What. A. Shock.

  4. Now, let's see how well Mr. Harper does the two step backwards. Or not. After all, the Commons is on summer break and we all know how much business gets done during that 3 month period.

  5. I have no idea what really happened, but I sometimes wonder whether Guergis was booted out on impulse. I can envision Harper waking up one morning, reading the damaging headlines, losing his temper, and getting on the phone and telling somebody to get that [derogatory term for a disliked female person, unsuitable for use in a family-friendly comments forum] the [noun unsuitable for ditto ditto] out of his party.

    I can even imagine him tossing the Guergis file to the RCMP as a final act of retribution, a scorched-earth character assassination intended to emphasize the consequences of crossing The Leader. Such a move would encourage the remaining MPs to toe the line or else.

    If this is the case – and, again, I have no idea what really happened – it is extremely unlikely that the Conservatives would ever readmit Guergis into their fold.

    I still hope that she runs for re-election as an independent, just because it would make great political theatre.