Guergis: Drug allegations are “completely ridiculous” -

Guergis: Drug allegations are “completely ridiculous”

Controversial former cabinet minister hires a lawyer to contest allegations


Helena Guergis told reporters Wednesday that allegations she was booted from the Conservative caucus over a drug-related matter are “completely ridiculous and an example of rumours gone amok.” CTV News reported on Tuesday that Guergis’s ouster was prompted by a private investigator’s sharing of information with a Conservative lawyer about the purchase and use of drugs and the potential threat of blackmail. Guergis has hired a lawyer to deal with controversy swirling around her and has pledged to “defend myself to the fullest extent to ensure that the record is set straight.”

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Guergis: Drug allegations are “completely ridiculous”

  1. The H Ms. Guergis getting dumped from caucus was a good start. Now its for the electors of Simcoe-Grey to "weigh in" on her performance in representing them as a federal MP and Privy Council member (Election please, Mr. Harper). Perhaps she could try opening a bed-and bath gift shop. Rahim Jaffer could then work as her 'pitch man' and marketing rep. Sounds like a plan, n'est-ce pas?

  2. This is what the Conservatives get for being so freaking secretive all the time. If we aren't allowed to know exactly what Ms. Guergis did to get booted not only out of her minister's portfolio but all the way out of the Conservative Party, we are forced to guess. And our guesses aren't likely to be flattering.

    Unless, of course, Ms. Guergis did something truly heinous or even criminal – but, in that case, we are entitled to know what it is. After all, she is an elected representative, responsible to the voters who elected her.