Guergis fights back

Says nomination ouster “defies the wishes of grassroots electors”


Former federal cabinet minister Helena Guergis will appeal the Conservative party’s decision to remove her as a future nominee in her Ontario riding of Simcoe-Grey. A letter from Guergis to Conservative party executive director Dan Hilton asks what she has done to justify her ouster. That “drastic measure,” according to Guergis, “defies the wishes of grassroots electors” in the local riding association. Guergis went on to say that she is confident that she has done nothing wrong and that she “will be exonerated of all the baseless accusations in the media.” Speaking from the Netherlands, Prime Minister Stephen Harper deflected questions on the subject: “In terms of the other issue and nominations, the party makes the decision about the nominations,” Harper said. The Conservative Party has not commented on the story.

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Guergis fights back

  1. From the Constitution of the Conservative Party of Canada


    14.1The rules and procedures for candidate selection set by National Council may provide for a candidate selection committee at the national level, and a candidate selection committee in each electoral district. The candidate selection committee at the national level shall have the right to disallow the candidacy of any person before or after nomination by the electoral district association, subject to the appeal of such a decision to the National Council whose decision shall be final and binding or who may refer the matter to the Arbitration Committee for decision by a panel.

    14.2Every electoral district association shall provide organizational and financial support to the Party's candidate in the electoral district.

    If Ms. Guergis didn't read the fine print when she first signed up to be the CPC candidate in the riding of Simcoe-Grey, she's got no one to blame but herself.


    • I disagree.. what there is to see is for the grass roots to see how the party really operates. You know, the ones who've been decrying Ignatieff's appointment as anti-democratic.

      • Pears and apples!

        She wants to clear her name, wants to look like a victim people not falling for it check the G$M poll today, good luck lady!

    • I don't know the specific grounds for Ms. Geurgis' appeal but a reading of the text of the article from the party constitution seems to confine the jurisdiction of an Arbitration Panel to confirmation of disallowance. No where in that article is the Arbitration Panel granted the authority to reinstate an expelled member.

  2. The issue is far beyond Helena Guergis, It is about how decisions are made within the Conservative party, It looks as if the grassroots are not being heard. She may be a good candidate for the riding- who knows? But, the riding she represents should have the chance to throw her out.

  3. Considering that the CPC sprang from the Reformist grassroots movement, I was rather surprised to find that they had what I posted embedded in their Party Constitution.

    As you suggest, perhaps the grassroots need to flex their muscles at the CPC AGM and get their Constitution changed to reflect democracy.


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