Guergis in trouble again

Staffer wrote letters to newspapers under pseudonym


The past couple of months have not been good for Helena Guergis. After an embarrassing outburst at a Prince Edward Island airport last month, during which she reportedly berated airline staffers, the Status of Women minister has landed in hot water again. It has been revealed that one of Guergis’ staffers, Jessica Craven, wrote a series of letters to publications in the Simcoe-Grey riding defending her boss, but failing to disclose her identity. Instead, Craven signed the letters, in which she complimented Guergis and claimed the airport outburst was not newsworthy, as “Jessica Morgan”—apparently using the surname of the man she is in a relationship with. According to Guergis, she was unaware of the letters, and has since had a conversation with Craven. “We did discuss that it was inappropriate. She apologized and assured me that it will not happen again,” she says. But Liberal P.E.I. MP Wayne Easter, who called for Guergis’ dismissal after the airport incident, isn’t buying it. “How could she not know? Any minister or department is always in the media monitoring, on anything that comes up with that departmental name or that minister’s name in it,” he said.

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Guergis in trouble again

  1. Helena Guergis is great, really! She has, hm, very nice boots!

  2. When praising Guergis for ANYTHING (boots et al) then you must in that declaration also stipulate whether you are a member of Guergis' staff or have a political affiliation to the Conservative party. This blog/letter writing to boots the favourable view of Ms. Guergis is totally unacceptible (unles of course you are a Conservative sympathizer of some sort). But then that would mean you are derranged anyway! No, regardless of whether derranged or not please declare whether you 1) did work for or 2) did not work for or 3) did anything productive or 4) did not do anything productive regardeing Ms. Guergis or the Conservative party. Either way answer yes or no to any of these 4 points means you are a Guergis sympathizer and we don't have any need for more Guergis sympathizers here!!!

  3. With the possible exception of Jim Flaherty who seems to do a reasonable job and who doesn't speak nonsense, our government is a shambles. From Blowhard Baird, Third Raitt, Notso Guergis to bigots of many types–it's pathetic. Our elected politicians are in thrall to those corporations which are responsible for much environmental damage, instability of the economy, and laws to favour the powerbrokers. Terrorism in fact has arisen from centuries of anger against corporate power–religious, political, economic, or a combination..
    Here in St. John's citizens watch corporate gluttony degrade a much loved park. Our provincial government counts on its global advertising of our natural beauties without attempting to save them!
    Meanwhile, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick, where I grew up, fights to save its natural environment, the source of its sustainable wealth.
    Tell me, is 'Canada' synonymous with 'can do nada?

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