Guergis info came from different sources -

Guergis info came from different sources

PMO might have got its information from the government itself


Since private investigator Derrick Snowdy testified that he didn’t give the Conservatives any information that would have justified removing Helena Guergis, former minister of state for the status of women, from its caucus, the party is now saying that it received its tips from a number of sources. This is leading to speculation that the government itself has damning information about now-independent MP. Whether that information reveals anything worse then Guergis’ association with Nazim Gillani, a Toronto businessman currently facing fraud charges, or the fact that she allowed her husband, Rahim Jaffer, to use her BlackBerry and office for potentially illegal lobbying activities, remains unknown. “It’s certainly a possibility that the government was and still is sitting on information related to Guergis,” said NDP MP Pat Martin. “If I were a more jaded type, I would even speculate that Snowdy orchestrated this whole tempest in a teapot on behalf of the Conservative government to get rid of a problematic minister.”

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Guergis info came from different sources

  1. I've been calling l'affaire Guergis a "tempest in a teapot" for quite a while now, and I'm delighted that the tea-loving (and teabag-filching) Pat Martin has finally come to see this the same way.

  2. Pat Martin is such a pompous sanctimonious twit. Anything for the headline which of course he gets so why stop.

    Given everything the anti Harper crowd says about him he needs no help to get rid of a "problematic" cabinet minister. That is what he did here and it is driving the opposition crazy.

    Now we even have the opposition supporting a disgraced cabinet minister. Who would believe it? Only in Canada you say.

  3. I haven't had so much fun in ages … listening to the lib's throw caution to the wind and indulge in the most obvious and flagrant self-righteous hypocrisy astounds me. Especially the getaway driver hisself – who incidentally if the gov;t is sitting on this file .. maybe there are little digital recorders in the getaway drivers car itself!! – wouldn't that be hoot – if the lib's start seriously rolling over too easy in the next while maybe there is a file hanging over their heads as well!

    • You forgot to end with "mwhahahahahaha.." and a manically blinking eye.

  4. What's interesting, by contrast, is the Revinder Shory issue. That guy is as dirty as they come. Shory rigged his nomination with ineligible (non-citizen teen) voters, has shady business deals galore and was flagged as a fraudster BEFORE his election. Yet Harper never removed him. Nor will the opposition parties–or even the MEDIA–touch the shory issue with a ten-foot pole. Obviously, this hands-off policy is a product of political correctness on the media's part, and a fear of upsetting Indo-Canadian voters on the part of the opposition and Conservative parties. It's really appalling how deep into the cesspool of ethnic bloc-voting Canadian politics has sunk, and how the media shirks its duty over fears of the race card.

    • With what ethnic group is Rahim Jaffer associated? The media haven't exactly imposed a hands-off policy on him.

      • Ismaili Muslims aren't exactly a huge vote demographic; Hindu and Sikh Indo-Canadians ARE. Poke around in NE Calgary and see for yourself.

  5. She was just a scapegoat for an incompetent government. As a cabinet minister she was less than effective, but her career and reputation have been severely damaged and it has yet to be proved what exactly the evidence was that brought about her demise. A reputation lost is difficult to regain and I think most of us wouldn't want to be assumed guilty in any court especially the court of public opinion
    without the proof that goes with it.

    • Have you been reading the media with their torqued headlines, columns investigating her childhood, calling her all manner of things? Perhaps you just choose to ignore them. The media destroyed Guergis' reputation personally and professionally. They hyped everything so bad it was sad to watch. Now they feel sorry for her and want to blame the PM who has not said a word about her publicly.

      The PM heard things he didn't like and like any responsible CEO he turned it over to the authorities who were best able to determine what was fact or fiction. He was not going to start repeating allegations publicly that have not been proven or may not even be credible. However, that was not good enough for the opposition and the media. They continued and continue to print stories to hype the story.

      The PM has made the decision that Guergis is no longer welcome in the party, caucus and running as a candidate for the party. That is his right as PM and leader of a party. So the media and the opposition can continue to pound this thing but he will not be pressured to say what the issues are that caused him to remove her.

  6. The Conservatives need to reveal exactly what it is they have on Guergis. The voters of Simcoe-Grey deserve no less.

    As it stands, Harper and his brain trust are giving the impression that they removed her out of sheer vindictiveness – that they are using her to keep the rest of the loyal troops in line.

    • The Conservatives do not have to do any such thing. This is a party matter. The PM removed her and the way the system works in all parties is that the leader makes those decisions after consulting the national council.

      It doesn't matter the reasons. You can infer all manner of things by the PM's actions but the fact is it is hypocrital of the media and the opposition to be decrying the steps taken by the PM when they were calling for her head for a month before and questioning the PM's motivations and willingness to deal with an "incompetent" minister. They got what they wanted and now they are crying tears for Guergis. Shameful.

      No wonder Canadians do not believe the media and think the opposition parties are made up of a bunch of fools. They proof it everyday.

      • The Conservatives can choose to remove Guergis for whatever reason they choose, but they need to reveal exactly why they are removing her. This is because she might choose to run under another party's banner, or as an independent, and voters would then need to know exactly why to vote or not vote for her.

        Also, Ms. Guergis would still need to live and work in her community (I assume she lives in Simcoe-Grey). Future employers would probably want to know whether she is worthy of trust.

        • You are joking right!

          Any party that touches Ms. Guergis now will be severely criticized and will open up a can of worms for themselves. As I told you before. Harper has no obligation to discuss internal party matters publicly nor does he have to repeat unproven allegations.

          He will simply leave that to the hypocritical media and opposition parties.

          The RCMP will decide to investigate or not based on their view of the facts. The Ethics Commissioner and the Lobbyist Registrar will determine whether Guergis/Jaffer are guilty of anything. That's it. The decision of the PM is final as is every other party leader.

          By the way you would think that the pouff from Quebec who is under criminal investigation would be booted from the Liberal caucus but no sign of that from Iffy nor Liberal supporters in the media.

          • hollinm continued……

            In the meantime the media and the opposition parties and the media are the ones that destroyed her personally and professionally.

            Harper is really one evil genius. He has the ability to fire a failed minister, boot her out caucus and refuse to allow her to run for the party and we have the spectacle of the media and opposition now supporting her and defending her when they were demanding her head on a platter a month ago.. Talk about the power to control the political agenda in the country. That's our Prime MInister.

  7. I'm starting to lose sight of who said what and did what and how what. Helena Guergis is manipulative and self-centered. That is why she became a politician.

  8. Wow. I never thought of that before.

  9. i had chicken wings with her in a bar when she was trying for the nomination to the conservative party she introduced her younger cousin as her manager we got a laugh out of that the part we didn t laugh about was every second word out of her mouth was f… no class what so ever you ppl voted f
    or her ya got what ya deserved

  10. another member of her campaign team robin weatherill punch that name up @ the penitentiary and see if anything comes up . it was farcical from beginning to end her father was going around town offering lobster to ppl who would put her sign up is that legal. and he was signing ppl in the conservative party and paying for it so they could go vote for her ask him about that were all curious to hear the answer i bet

  11. ppl need to see the real sadness behind this cast of zaneys in govt, they are spending you into bankruptcy and wiping out middle class ,a ship of fools and bad actors .to save yourselves they wont help you