Guy Lafleur wins perjury appeal in Quebec's top court -

Guy Lafleur wins perjury appeal in Quebec’s top court

Hockey legend acquitted of giving contradictory testimony his son’s trial


Quebec’s top court has acquitted former NHL legend Guy Lafleur of giving contradictory testimony at his son’s sexual assault trial. In May 2009, Judge Claude Parent said the former star of the Montreal Canadiens had given contradictory testimony at the trial of his son Mark, who was accused of uttering death threats, forcible confinement and assault. (The 24-year-old has struggled with addiction to drugs and has undergone treatment on several occasions.) Lafleur has maintained he did not perjure himself, but that he was confused during questioning. In a written statement released Tuesday, Lafleur’s lawyer said his client is elated with the decision after his “bitter” experience with the judicial system.

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Guy Lafleur wins perjury appeal in Quebec’s top court

  1. Good! It never seemed right that Lafleur should have been forced to testify against his son, and this man who has brought so much pride and pleasure to so many Canadians deserved better. I always suspected the judge who convicted him was a Leafs fan.

    • It's a little more nuanced than that. Lafleur agreed to the conditions of supervising his son and ensuring the son respected bail conditions during a trial on charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement. The son spending time in a hotel with a girlfriend did not meet the bail conditions.

      So Lafleur failed as the court-appointed supervisor of his son on bail. And his testimony about that point was contradictory. The appeal judges are accepting that he was confused about what exactly the curfew conditions were. Whatever.