Guy Turcotte must remain a psychiatric patient, but will be able to leave hospital grounds


Guy Turcotte, the cardiologist found not criminally responsible for killing his two children, must remain in the care of the Montreal-area Pinel Institute.

Postmedia reports a panel reviewing Turcotte’s case believes he is still sufficiently dangerous to recommend against his release.

However, Turcotte will be able to leave the grounds of the hospital:

For the first three months, those outings must be supervised by a family member or personnel from the Montreal-area Pinel Institute.

After three months, he will be allowed to leave the institute during the day, unsupervised, returning only at night.

The risks he poses to the public are to be re-evaluated after six months.

Turcotte killed his two children as they slept, after having drunk windshield washer fluid in a suicide attempt. In 2011 he was found not criminally responsible for the deaths of the children. As such he can be held indefinitely in psychiatric care—but he can also be released when he is no longer deemed dangerous.

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Guy Turcotte must remain a psychiatric patient, but will be able to leave hospital grounds

  1. This case haunts me. The justice system needs a new law, one that doesn’t let someone get away with the “I just snapped” defence.

    What a crock!!!!! You don’t just snap. It’s just that you get angry enough, and then this is your reaction to anger (his, anyway). He told his wife, “If it’s war you want, it’s war you’ll get.” There’s the motive right there: I’m angry at you, and I’m going to take from you the things you most love, the children.

    He’ll do the same again, not to a stranger, but to a loved one if he feels he’s losing control. Just like the author in the States who killed both his wives by pushing them down a flight of stairs. Both got “death by stairs”.

    This was a temper tantrum from a man with a terribly fragile ego. This was paying his wife back for not loving him any more and dating another guy. Notice that it doesn’t appear to have hurt him (the killing of the children), only her. He’s already talking about having more children. Heaven help them!

    If I had murdered my children, I wouldn’t want to have any more because to look at the baby would bring back a flood of memories of the little ones I killed. In fact, it would drive me crazy. I’d be stricken with shame and guilt; I couldn’t even parent effectively.


    This is an injustice. The law needs to change right now, like yesterday. I am furious about this.

    • You are right. This case never made sense. How can someone be so crazy that they stab their children to death without knowing what they are doing (supposedly), and less than a year later apparently be sane and safe for the public? Someone could conceivably be that mentally ill, for example, if they had schizophrenia (Turcotte was never diagnosed with anything more than depression). A depressed person may kill themselves, but they don’t go out and murder others. Psychopath sounds much more likely, and then yes, he is still dangerous. Next time he will be better at covering it up.

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