H1N1 “could test all of us” this fall

Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq warns MDs


Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq told the Canadian medical community to brace for an expected surge in H1N1 cases this fall. “What may come this fall is something that could test all of us, possibly to a limit we’ve never experienced,” she said at the Canadian Medical Association’s annual meeting in Saskatoon today. She announced that Ottawa will have a vaccine ready for November, but was unclear about an implementation plan. Agluakkq touched upon the medical isotope shortage saying the topic will likely be discussed at the September provincial-territorial meeting of health ministers in Winnipeg. She added that in the meantime, research into alternative medical isotopes and diagnostic techniques are key.

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H1N1 “could test all of us” this fall

  1. Typo alert! Aglukkaq is misspelled in penultimate sentence.

    Madam Minister, I doubt Canada's docs needed you to tell them that this fall could test "all of us." I am willing to bet Canada's docs were aware of that already. But hey, thanks for giving them the heads-up.

  2. The more this gets talked about, the more dull the public becomes. It is the FLU! Unless you are elderly or have a pre-existing condition, you are HIGHLY unlikely to die from it. I just roll my eyes. I'll take my chances with the flu than a vaccine…

  3. Whether or not it will test us remains to be seen. Now if they would just TEST THE ACTUAL VACCINE before jabbing us with it!!!